Most people in the world have a dark eye colour, which is why it is not surprising that almost every other respondent would like to change it at least sometimes. Most often, people want to turn their eyes in blue or green, which are ‘more exotic’ because these shades are rarer in natural form.

This desire for changes has led optical aid manufacturers to come up with something that will fulfil clients’ requirements. That is how coloured contact lenses became trendy. Get them in any eye-care facility if you have a prescription; also, anyone can buy color contact lenses online for cosmetic purposes only.

Match with Natural Eye Colour

Prescription colour lenses correct vision interference and, at the same time, satisfy the need for change. To add some aesthetic value to them, manufacturers added an outer ring that borders the coloured part. It makes the eye more prominent, and the eyesight more expressive. 

Combining the lighter and darker transparent shades gives your eyesight a 3D effect, but it still looks natural. Usually, people with bright eyes opt for these lenses, as they come in so-called enhancement tint. Its purpose is to highlight the natural colour of green or blue eyes and to make them more compelling.

Some life events, such as eye injuries, traffic accidents, or surgery with complications, may result in permanent or partial impairment of the vision, function, and appearance of the eye. In these cases, modern ophthalmology as a solution offers precisely coloured contacts with prosthetic properties. They are custom made in the natural colour of the patient’s eyes.

Coloured Contacts for Dramatic Changes

In order to know where to start, you should determine what effect you want to achieve by changing your eye colour. Maybe you just want to look differently from now, or you need coloured lenses for a particular occasion. Basically, the choice comes down to two options – a dramatic or natural look.

A dramatic and compelling look generally involves a complete change of eye colour (for example, from blue to dark brown). It pretty much differs from your everyday look, and may be better suited for some special occasion, like a festive ceremony, party, or masquerade. You might want to match the new eye colour with the dress or mask.

Then you need the so-called costume or theatrical coloured contacts. As their name implies, these were initially used in movies and theatre. The part of the lens that covers the iris has opaque tint, and it’s non-translucent. It changes the colour of your eyes by literally covering the coloured part of them. The middle, where the pupil is located, is transparent. Also, you can find specially designed coloured contacts that are reminiscent of cat’s, snake’s, or vampire’s eyes.

When to Buy New Contacts

Before you get your pair of coloured lenses, you need to know their shelf life and replacement time. If you wear prescription contacts, see your optician regularly to check whether your diopter changed. Here find out how eye exam looks like.

From the beginning of wearing, dust and dirt will collect on the surface of contacts. Proteins and lipids found in the skin’s natural fat will also stick to the lens. All these can quickly get in touch with the eyes and cause irritation or infection.

Everything that deposits there reduces the durability of the contact lenses and makes them an excellent base for various microorganisms and bacteria that endanger the health of the eyes. Therefore, it is generally advisable to purchase coloured contacts with a shorter shelf life – daily or monthly. 

With longer-lasting models of lenses, contamination can also result from poor maintenance. The experts recommend patients to strictly adhere to replacement dues to preserve the health of the ocular apparatus.

Where to Look for Quality Coloured Contacts

In case you buy your lens as an optical aid, the assumption is that your ophthalmologist has diagnosed you and that you have a prescription. It usually contains all the relevant information that you will show to an expert at an optician’s shop. They will find you the right model; it is up to you to just suggest what colour you want (if the model you get exists in colour).

The advantage of shopping in the eye-care facilities is that the optician will give you brief training on how to set up, remove, and maintain lenses. Also, on the spot, you can see how they look and how they match your complexion, hair colour, etc. Of course, you won’t try them on, but you can certainly get a better picture than when looking at them on the screen.

Online Eyewear Stores

As for online shopping of coloured contacts, it also has its advantages. The choice of model is more extensive than at a local optician’s shop. You can finish the entire purchase in a few clicks, and you just have to wait for your order to arrive.

In case you have a prescription, you’ll probably have to fill some information from the prescription. Find web stores of trusted eyewear brands. Most of them offer trial samples, but this only applies to non-prescription contacts. If you are a first-time buyer, it is a good idea to try it out before making the final purchase.

How you will get your pair of lenses depends on whether you need them for vision correction or cosmetic effects. Still, the choice is free, and anyone can buy the coloured contacts the way they want and where they want.