Life has this uncanny and slightly cruel way of throwing a huge amount of things at us all at once. This only gets worse when we are incredibly busy. There are some days when breaking point is a constant state, and a clear diary is nothing but a distant memory.

When you feel like this, it is really important to know that you are not alone. So many people right now, as you are reading this, feel just the same. That flutter of panic sits in all of our stomachs, is a group emotion. So know that you have so much support.

So if you are feeling stressed and pressed for time right now, keep reading to find out how to prioritise tasks when you’re busy AF…

Grab some Post-its

Or anything you can write on. Sit at a clear surface, and on the post-its write the individual tasks you have to complete. Going through the things you have to do like this will take away some of the panic of knowing you are busy AF, but not knowing where to start.

By the time you have finished, you will have already begun to gain some control and stability over the situation.

What needs to be done today?

Ask yourself three simple questions:

1. What needs to be done today?

2. What needs to be done this week?

3. What needs to be done by the end of the month?

Write these questions on 3 post-its.

Then take the tasks that you wrote down before, and categorise the tasks that you need to do today, by the end of the week, and by the end of the month.

This will maybe take you 10-15 minutes. It is quite simple and easy, and you will have given yourself a running order for the tasks you have to complete. 2 of the three categories will have elevated the burden and pressure of those tasks. It also gives you the perspective for today’s tasks.

Where should my attention go?

Now you have a group of post-it tasks that you have deemed need your attention today. So that is what needs to be done today.

However, you need to sort through these and give yourself a running order. You can do this in a few ways.

Firstly you can do it in terms of the time deadline, what have you left the longest, who needs a reply to an email by 2pm… This will ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Secondly, you can take the tasks and even out the complexity through your day. You may have a product report to put together, well after that why not do your expenses – tedious, but much simpler (as long as you kept all your receipts!).

Mix and match the method depending on the tasks you have to compete- and allow it to dictate your working practice.

Be kind

Remember that no matter how busy you are, to always give yourself the time to stop, breath and recharge. If you neglect this, then you will underperform and dysfunctional. You need to be kind to yourself even when you are super busy.

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Productivity hacks when you're busy AF

Productivity hacks when you're busy AF