We all have those days when we have 101 things to do. Your email inbox is overflowing, invoices need paying, household chores are piling up, and you really need to get it all done.

Well we are here to help, so keep reading to find out how to plan your day and stick to it.

Back to basics

This is probably not the starting point you were looking for, but it is very important.

Sleep and Water.

In order to have a productive day, you need to have the right amount of energy. This requires at least 6 hours of sleep.

Make sure that your sleep schedule is being prioritised, otherwise your day to day productivity is going to be effected. Water is an essential component in keeping us hydrated, but we also need it to sleep. So ensure you are drinking regularly.

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Look at your schedule

Okay so now you have slept and you are ready to smash today. Look through your schedule, and see what you need to achieve today. Combine all the things that you need to do for work and personal life.

Having a well maintained journal or diary will ensure that you will be able to keep on top of this, and will make your plan easier to stick too.

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Create an itinerary

Write all of the things that you have to do today on posit notes. Order in importance and urgency.

Make sure that you list EVERYTHING possible that you really need to do today.

If this feels very intense, don’t worry keep reading!

Now create a realistic itinerary

Bin all of the posit notes.

Yep, go ahead.

Now, write the tasks that you remember from the posit notes on a to do list. The ones you remember are the things that you will have prioritised in the posit exercise.

Everything else isn’t important enough to remember, or can wait until tomorrow. This will help you create a manageable plan for your day, and will make your schedule much easier to stick too.

Be realistic with this list, there are only so many hours in the day. It is much better to have a shorter list that you finish, than a long one that you don’t. The achievement you will feel for completing the list will fuel your work the next day, help you sleep and give your wellbeing a boost.

Remember to reward yourself

Make sure that your plan for the day includes breaks. We recommend that at least one of the breaks includes a change of scenery, definitely stepping away from where you are working. Going for a short walk will refresh your body, but will also allow your brain to recharge.

The best ideas come when we least expect them. In taking a break you could help yourself be even more able to stick to the day’s plan.

It is not the end of the world

If you are not able to stick to your plan, don’t stress about it, seriously it is not the end of the world. If you feel unproductive, restless and frustrated, it is much better to stop than force it.

As long as your plan doesn’t have a deadline today, you can always sort it tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself, and realistic, and learn how your body works. This is all experience to help your day more productive tomorrow. The more you work with yourself, the more likely you will stick to your plan.