A proposal should always be kept a secret from the bride-to-be, but many want to capture the moment forever. The idea of a secret proposal photoshoot is that you’re able to get a professional looking keepsake to remember this momentous occasion as it happened.

Organising a full blown photoshoot for no reason might tip off your lucky partner on this big occasion, so you’ll have to be sneakier than that. Play your cards right by following our top tips on planning the perfect proposal photoshoot.

Tip one: Occasion

Just saying ‘hey, let’s go for a photoshoot’ is guaranteed to arouse suspicion, especially if it isn’t something you would normally do. Think about the time you’re planning it for and if there are any upcoming holidays. You could pretend it’s for a holiday card or a dress-up competition at your workplace. If that doesn’t work, consider getting a family member, colleague or friend to suggest the photoshoot and you can turn up at the last minute. Whatever the reason, make it convincing.

Tip two: Personalise it

As the person proposing, it’s up to you to completely personalise this experience. Nobody wants a bog-standard proposal, which is why you should search through different engagement rings, locations and themes to suit your relationship. Consider where you met, any mutual interests and any inside jokes that might personalise the proposal further. If your loved one adores dainty jewellery and nature, for example, there’s no point going down on one knee with a flashy diamond in an indoor location.

Tip three: Keeping it a secret

While you may know what to keep to yourself, others may not be so secretive. Only tell people who really need to know, such as the photographer and anyone else that will be in attendance. Other tips to keeping your proposal secret include using a burner card, ensuring all details are set in stone and keeping calm under pressure. You may have to tell some little white lies when you’re pulling off a surprise proposal photoshoot, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Just ensure you don’t trip up and make a mistake with the details as your partner is bound to get suspicious.

Tip four: the photographer

Weddings can be expensive, so nobody can blame you for wanting to cut back and spare some pennies. The proposal, however, isn’t the place to do this. It may be tempting to get the cheapest option, but the whole point of this kind of proposal is to get a real snapshot of the moment as it happens. A subpar photographer might miss the moment or not have the right technical skills. There are a few things to consider when hiring a photographer, including if their current portfolio suits your style as a couple, previous experience, specialities and reviews.

Tip five: Popping the question

Consider if you want to use props to propose, or if you want to keep it sweet and simple. You’ll want to ensure the photographer is aware of when you’ll be going down on one knee so they can capture the initial reaction, which is the most important image of the bunch. You could each write a special message on a chalkboard and flip it over, with yours asking ‘will you marry me?’ or something similar. If props aren’t for you, talk to your photographer about having a cue, which could be a word or a signal to make things easier. Make sure it isn’t anything suspicious and give the photographer enough time to prepare.

Secret photoshoot proposals are fun and unique, allowing you to capture this lovely occasion for a lifetime. Keep calm and plan all the aspects in advance for a glorious proposal your partner is sure to remember forever.