Picture the scene.

It’s a beautiful day outside;  the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the air is warm and blissful.

People are smiling, children are laughing, and the sound of lovely birdsong fills the air.

And you? 

You’re stuck in the office, peering out at the world with nothing but envy.

You want to be outdoors and enjoying life, and yet here you are, faced with a mounting workload that will never go away until you get to the bottom of it. Ugh!

Sound familiar?

Many of us have that ‘stuck in the office’ feeling, with that desire to be anywhere else but here. And as you will know yourself if you are relating thus far, you have little choice but to crack on, especially if you want to pay the bills and put food on your table.

Still, there’s always the weekend, when hopefully you will have the opportunity to break free from your office confines. And with our motivating suggestions below, you might be able to make a few adjustments to change the way you feel.

So, consider the following if you’re stuck in the office rut, and sift through our ideas for something that will motivate you, and (whisper it) make your day in the office seem more enjoyable and less like a chore. It is possible, we promise!

#1: Sort out your wardrobe

You aren’t going to feel very enthused if you’re working in your slacks or pyjamas (assuming you work at home). And if you have to work in an office away from home, you aren’t going to feel your best if you haven’t made an effort with your work clothes. You need to dress your best to feel your best, and while you don’t need to wear something too expensive, you might still consider office fashion that looks more professional than the clothes that are weighing down your mood state. Then enhance your look with our favourite office makeup ideas, and you might further start to feel the part as well as look the part. 

#2: Surround yourself with motivational quotes

You don’t have to look very far for motivational quotes, as people are always posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so write down a few on sticky notes and pin them to your computer and office walls. Here are some other inspirational quotes for the office that might just elevate the way you feel and motivate you into taking on your day’s challenges. 

#3: Don’t work alone

If you’re home-based, you probably work alone during the day, and this might be detrimental to how you feel about spending time in the office. If you can find another lone worker, why not partner up and share your office space with them? You will then have somebody to banter with during the day, and this will make life a little less miserable if you can’t stand working by yourself. Alternatively, get out of your home office and into another venue where you can be around people. Libraries and cafés often have free wifi, so even if you don’t talk to anybody while you’re there, you will still feel less bored and isolated when you can feel their company.

#4: Make a plan for after work

Okay, so you’re stuck in the office during the day, but you don’t have to sit at your office desk 24/7. If you plan for something fun and exciting after work, you will have something to look forward to. You might also plan for something early on in the evening, as this way, you will have the incentive to work harder, as you might miss out on what you want to do if you’re forced to work overtime because you have spent the day procrastinating and slacking off from the tasks at hand. 

#5: Outsource the tasks you hate

Let’s be honest; not every task on your to-do list will fill your heart with joy. And not every task on your to-do list will fill your heart with weariness. So, if you can focus on working on those tasks that you are good at and actually enjoy, you might be more motivated to crack on with the work you have to do. Outsource anything else to another firm or a freelancer, as they might have more of a passion for your worst tasks anyway.

#6: Set up a reward system

Hard work deserves a reward, right? Sure it does, so think about those things that will make you happy, and reward yourself with them when you have completed certain tasks on your to-do list. So, you might indulge in something chocolatey if you have a sweet tooth, or if you’re a bit of a coffee lover, you might grab yourself a Starbucks (or similar) when you’re on your break. Make sure you only treat yourself to these things if you meet your targets though, as they won’t feel like much of a reward otherwise if you know you haven’t made much of an effort.

#7: Take regular breaks

The longer you’re sat at your computer, the tireder your mind and body will feel. This will be no good for your mood state, as you might eventually start to feel more demotivated if feelings of exhaustion set in. Do yourself a favour then and take regular breaks. And when you do so, get some fresh air to clear your mind, and engage in some exercise to energise your body. Eat or drink something healthy too, and take the time to focus on anything but work. After taking a break, your whole self should feel refreshed, and you should then be able to continue working with a mindset geared towards productivity.

#8: Count your blessings

Okay, so you’re stuck in the office, and that can sometimes feel like a curse! However, try to look at the positives. So, you might remind yourself that you have work to do that will provide an income. If you’re working from home, you might have more flexible working hours than some people, so let that be a positive in your life. And be thankful for the things you own in your life that are only there because of the work you do each day. List them, and list the other things you might want to buy, and despite your low moods on occasion, remember that the grass is sometimes greener on your side of the world.

#9: Focus on doing your best

If you’re constantly complaining to yourself that you are stuck in the office, then your whole attitude might affect the quality of your work. And after making half-assed efforts because of your low temperament, you might then feel less motivated because you will know that your work is second-rate. On the other hand, if you genuinely put the work in, focussing on quality in everything you do, you will feel a greater sense of satisfaction. And when you see what you are capable of, you might then have the impetus to continue in the same vein, and before you know it, you might even start to enjoy what you are doing!

#10: Pump out some tunes

Okay, so this is a bad idea if you’re easily distracted. It’s no good putting on your favourite playlist if a) it causes you to leave your office chair and onto your imagined dance floor, or b) interrupts your workflow. However, if you know of any pieces of music that will fuel you to work harder, then you might want to add them to your Spotify playlist or pump them out through your Alexa. Your musical tastes are your own, of course, but if you need some inspiration, check out these (potentially) motivational songs. Add your own ideas as appropriate. 

#11: Have an extra day off in the week

Imagine having a longer weekend! It’s the dream, right? Well, you could, but only if you put the hard work in during the rest of the week to help you reach that 3-day nirvana. Therefore, commit to that goal, and keep it in mind when you’re tempted to slacken off during the day. You will then get the opportunity to have an extra day to do your own thing, and you might even get the opportunity to go away for the weekend without having to hurry home in time for work!


It’s easy to get into that ‘another day in the office’ mentality, and we all experience it from time to time. However, you don’t need to despair unduly. With our motivational tips, you might feel better about the work you have to do, even when you have to face those tasks that don’t exactly fill you with joy. 

Consider our suggestions then, and use them if you have related to what we have said in this article. Look online for other ideas to motivate yourself on your ‘down in the dump’ days. And think up a few ideas of your own, as you might already know the steps you need to take to motivate yourself to work.