Put a spring in your step – how to motivate yourself to change the things making you unhappy

– by Bernardo Moya

The big secret to motivation is getting the emotions in the right order. We all have things that annoy us and that we want to change in our lives, yet somehow we never manage to get them done. The time isn’t right or you have other things to do first, or a hundred other excuses. 

That’s because you haven’t yet prioritised the thing that you want to do, and for that there’s a very good reason.

Motivation isn’t only about wanting things that annoy you to stop annoying you. Motivation is also about heading to the brilliant result that awaits you once it’s done.

What happens with many people is they don’t put the two parts of the motivation strategy together to create what NLP co-creator Dr Richard Bandler calls a “propulsion system”. 

If you want to get things done, then here’s a useful way to think about it.

Firstly, visualise the situation as it is now. Maybe it’s a room that needs clearing out, a garden that needs tending to, a pile of work that needs to be sorted. Focus on it. Concentrate on it, and notice the feelings inside of you of repulsion from the current situation.

Now, clear your thoughts and imagine a future in which the job is done. The room is cleared, the garden sorted. Take the time to feel the emotions associated with it. They might well be satisfaction, happiness, excitement at what you’re going to be able to do now the job is done. Build up those positive feelings. 

Once again imagine the current situation, and contrast it with the one that you are going to get. Now focus again on the positive one, building up those emotions even more.

Now, set yourself a time when you are going to start doing it. See yourself going through the work you need to do, all the time sustaining that sense of excitement inside of you. Again, bring the job through to the end and once more feel that enhanced sense of satisfaction, enjoying the moment, basking in the achievement. Feel the positive sense of having got things done, imagine that you are there, telling yourself what a great job you’ve done, and your friends are doing the same. Feel good? Well, double that feeling. And double it again.

Feel ready to go? Yes! Then go for it!

Bernardo Moya is a leading personal development coach, founder of The Best You and author of The Question: Find Your True Purpose, which is published by Wiley, priced at £10.99, and is available now from Amazon.co.uk