We all fear the dreaded commute to work, especially on bleak and dark winter mornings. 

While lockdowns have seen many people work from home, things are going back to normal slowly but steadily. In September, BBC News reported that two thirds of workers had begun to commute again, with the Office for National Statistics stating that the 62% of working adults were travelling to work in sharp contrast to the 36% in May. There have been further restrictions since, but there’s a precedent now for returning to work. 

However, instead of letting the misery of commuting manifest within you, it’s a better idea to take proactive steps to ease the sting of the travel. How can you make it easier on yourself? Well, you’ll find some useful ideas after the jump! 

Exercise/Commute Combination

If you’re someone who likes to keep fit, but laments getting stuck in traffic in the morning and evening, then combining your commute with some exercise might be the answer for you.

Getting tired and sweaty before work might not seem ideal, but if you pace yourself right, you shouldn’t be fatigued on arrival. Consider jogging and cycling to work in a more leisurely fashion, and hopefully, your spirits will be lifted. You’ll get some fresh air, and you’ll also be able to even out your schedule in a more convenient fashion. 

In 2017, it was reported that cycling to work can even reduce your chances of an early death, combatting the risks of cancers and heart disease. If you can use that ‘boring’ or ‘dreary’ commute to work productively in this fashion, you’ll view your commute as something positive, making it easier to tackle. 

Drive a Motorbike

Cycling to work can be fun, but it’s not necessarily the fastest way to get to work. If only they had a motor… 

If you drive to work, then think about all the times you’ve been stuck behind rows and rows of cars. Even if you get the bus or the train, those waiting periods can be agonising, and you can stand in the bus shelters or on the platforms certain that there must be a faster way to get to work. Well, Suzuki motorcycles are that way! 

Therefore, it might be time for you to invest in your very own bike, where you can wind your way through traffic to reach the front of every queue with ease! For some inspiration here, browse Suzuki motorcycles. They have a great many exclusive deals where prices are whittled down to an affordable sum. Additionally, this company offer a great range of both new and used bikes, helping you to be flexible in your purchasing. They also give you an intricate lowdown on news and events in the industry, turning your commute hack into a lifelong hobby. What more could you ask for?  

Carpool Commuting

Depending on your personality, commuting to work can be a solitary, and thus lonely, experience. 

However, if you carpool, you and your colleagues or friends can simply chat as you go. It can be nice to have some company on those dreary mornings, and if there isn’t much time to get to know people at your workplace during your working hours, carpooling can be a good way to make introductions, swap stories, and catch up. You needn’t do it every day of the working week either, if you’d still rather jog or motorbike into work most of the time. 

According to The Guardian, not only can carpooling help people become firm friends, but it can also help alleviate UK transport pressures too. It’s nice when what starts as one workaround can have a multitude of benefits. Furthermore, you can split fuel costs, help the environment, occasionally leave the task of driving to someone else, and rejoice in not being submerged on overcrowded public transport.