Student accommodation. Let’s face it, it’s never that great, is it?

From damp patches to furniture that’s definitely seen better days, when you first walk into any student digs they can be quite glum and depressing.

However, they needn’t stay that way.

With a few simple design touches, you can bring your halls to life – and without spending a fortune if you don’t want to.

Hang Up Pictures and Posters

OK, so this breaks the first rule of student accommodation – no sticking things on the wall. But thanks to some cleverly designed products, you can buy picture and poster hanging strips that don’t leave behind any mess on the walls.

Choose funky designs and start placing these strategically around your accommodation to brighten up the walls. You’ll be surprised how this instantly uplifts the space (and detracts your eyes away from the damp, marks and other nasties).

Head to a Car Boot

As a student, you won’t want to be forking out much on items that are just for your uni years, so why not take yourself off to a car boot?

There you’ll find everything from cleaning products to second-hand furniture, and all for an incredibly cheap price. You should even be able to get cushions, throws and other nice accessories that’ll add a warm, welcoming vibe to your digs.

Then, once you’re ready to leave uni, head to the car boot to flog all of this stuff again!

Sort Out Some Storage

Space is a precious commodity when you’re a student, which is why you may be struggling to store all of your belongings away neatly.

So kit yourself out with plenty of storage boxes to make this easier, and discuss with your housemates who has what storage space. For example, you could take under the stairs while they take the shed outside.

Buy Some Pieces You Can Take Away with You

If you’re in your final year, living off-campus or renting your own home (not student accommodation), then it may be worth your while looking at key pieces to invest in for the future.

Need a chest of drawers? Then why not buy a high-quality set that you can take with you wherever you go. (Cox & Cox is a great place to start, by the way).

Obviously, this seems excessive when you’re a student and won’t be necessary if your halls are fully furnished, but if you are making steps into having your own home, this is a great way to start buying your ‘forever’ pieces.

Whether it’s your first year, last year or something in between, student life is all about making the most of what you’ve got. Be creative with your accommodation and it’ll soon look cosy and inviting.