If like Paris, Nicole and ourselves you are looking for the simple life, you are in the right place. Life can feel incredibly hectic, what with 24/7 emails, deadlines, social media, not using single use plastics, pollution and the actual mess that is politics in 2019.

Life can seem so incredibly complex, overwhelming and downright miserable, so if you want get off this crazy roundabout you are in the right place. Keep reading to find ways to make life simpler.

Switch Off

When was the last time you felt COMPLETELY happy after scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Seriously only seeing the best bits of other people’s lives is very overwhelming. It opens us up to comparison, criticism and unhappiness.

Stop scrolling, put your phone on airplane mode, and take some well desired simple time for you.

Stop Looking for the right time

There is no perfect moment, the moment is perfect right now. How many great ideas have you shelved because you were looking for the right moment? Well, stop doing it, because you are making life a waiting game of huge proportions.

Saving things or putting things off just delays so many emotions, and can lead to a complicated relationship with yourself. If you are looking for a simpler life, then just do whatever you want whenever you want. You have the control.

Cut out the things that bring you down

This may sound drastic, but quite often the things that bring you down are full of drama and involve so many emotions and people. Feelings are SO complex, and dealing with other peoples emotions is the furthest things from simple.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and these people only ever bring you negativity, it is time to cut loose.

We are talking stopping engaging, asking those people to vent elsewhere, and gradually removing the negative energy and detoxing your life.

Let go

How many grudges are you holding, ill feelings for a misdemeanour years ago? Holding on to all these thoughts fill you with negative energy and emotions you don’t really need. How depressing is the fact that you getting yourself down about an event that the other person might not even remember.

If you are looking for things to be much simpler, just let go.

Don’t wish your life away

How long have you spent thinking of a day or an event and stopped just looking froward to the day in front of you? We spend so much time looking ahead that we miss what is right in front of us. Living this way makes the every day feel drab.

Stop wishing you life away, every day is a gift!

Maximise your time

This sounds counterproductive, but hear us out. When you are deep in a task maximise the productivity of that task. For example when you cook, prepare more than you need so that you have dinner for the next day. Or when you are doing admin for the week, do the tasks for the week after.

By maximising the time you are already performing tasks, you will free up more time for what matters.

Be kind to yourself

Remember to take all of these things at your own pace, and remember to cherish the relationship you have with yourself!