No one wants to admit that a relationship is over. It is hard, breakups can be one of the toughest things we have to go through. This is because of the good times we have had with a person seem so stark to the sadness and anger of a break-up.

However, it will happen to everyone at some point. We all want to be the one that makes it out okay FIRST. Sometimes this is the case, but very often what you still feel, is not what your former serious other feels.

Keep reading to find out how to know if your ex is over you.

There is someone else

This is quite an obvious answer to the aforementioned question. However, if they have a new partner then it means that they are definitely moving on.

This is not to say they don’t still have feelings for you, but it means that they are over you enough to consider another relationship.

They have asked for their things back

That t-shirt that you have always slept in, the books you love to flick through on a Sunday morning, that chair. Yep, they were never really yours. If your ex has been round to collect those things then, perhaps this could be a sign that they are really over you.

You can’t remember the last time you spoke to them

If it has been a while since they texted, or called then that silence is pretty much a confirmation that the relationship has changed forever.

If you still want to rekindle things, don’t think calling out of the blue will solve anything. We all have caller ID, so they probably won’t answer, and you will know – they are over you.


Social media is a great indicator of how your relationship is fairing, and yes you have guessed it; whether or not someone is over you. We quite often keep following someone even when we are no longer close to them, so we can see what they are doing and maybe who they are doing!

Well if your ex has unfollowed you, then perhaps it is time to admit- they are over you.

How to know if your ex is over you

Their Mum is no longer your friend

Remember that great relationship you had with their mum? Well if that has disappeared then you will probably find that she has been asked to move on, or your ex’s new SO has taken your place.

Either way- you know what this means.

They are very much in the present

You bump into your ex, and they tell you what they are doing right now. More to the point, they don’t focus on the past. This is not a direct confirmation, but it would be a huge indicator that they see your relationship as the past and that they have moved on.

They aren’t the same person anymore

New hobbies, a different job, new friends. All surefire signs that they have moved on, and are ready to take on the next chapter in their life.

What to do now you know your ex is over you

Relationships are hard, and it is even harder when someone you love no longer loves you.

However, remember all things happen for a reason. This is your chance to focus on another important relationship, the one you have with yourself.

Push through the pain, sadness or anger with a renewed sense of who you are. See this as a new chapter in a book that you are only just beginning to write.

See friends you haven’t seen for a while, reconnect with your colleagues, and enjoy some free time alone.

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How to know if your ex is over you

How to know if your ex is over you