There is nothing worse than lying in bed knowing you need to sleep, but somehow it just doesn’t seem to happen. TRUST US, we have all been there. That 3am thought process can be HORRIFIC and we don’t want that happen to us or you, or anyone for that matter.

So we have compiled our experience, and research and bring you the list that will tell you how to fall asleep when you are not tired.

Schedule your sleep

This may sound odd, but really think about it, do you have a set time? Not knowing when you are going to go to bed, means that your body has no idea what is normal. Having a schedule will train your body into knowing when you need to sleep.

Yes if you start today, your body won’t expect to know tomorrow. However, after a month or two you will get into an easy schedule that you will rejoice in.

When was the last time you took a bath?

We are not talking about hygiene here, but more the relaxing properties of a really good bath. Science has proven that a good bath will really help make you sleep better, even when you aren’t tired. It is all to do with temperature.

Our bodies’ natural body temperature dips at night which helps us drop off to sleep. If you have a great bath, you increase your body temperature, and thus the cooling is more intense. Helping you to feel sleepy even if you aren’t!

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Put your phone down

Seriously, the blue light emitting from your phone could be the one thing that is stopping you feeling like you are tired. The blue light kicks your melatonin out of sync in your body. Essentially it messes up your whole sleep cycle.

There are low blue light options for your phone, making the screen more yellow. However, the activity of the screen and any light will stop you feeling tired.

So for at least an hour before you want to sleep, try and ignore your phone. If the temptation is too much, then take it out of the room.

Make your bedroom perfect

Again this may sound super obvious, but it will really help. First of all is this space conducive to sleep? Is it tidy and calm, or is it over stuffed and cramped. Keeping it clear and uncluttered will really help.

Next the bed, is it comfy, are you happy with it? If not then think about mattress toppers, and foam sheets to boost the comfort levels. The next question to ask yourself; is my bed linen helping me sleep? If you get too hot, then pick thin silky sheets. If you are too cold, then pick thicker heavy cotton, and some blankets.

Ensuring the space you are trying to sleep in is the most sleep positive will really go a long way when you aren’t tired.

Have someone talk you to sleep

This may sound crazy, but it really works! There are SO many sleep talk downs, sleep stories and deep meditations available on youtube. These are designed to fully relax you into a sound sleep.

They can take a little getting used to, but once you are, they really help. Trust us, you will be asleep or at least feeling very tired in under 30 minutes.