Today is National Relaxation Day! One of the best things to do to beat stress and worry is by distracting yourself. So, in honour of National Relaxation Day we have asked the PlusMinus team & friends how they distract themselves.

Rachel, Heritage Business Officer 

“My dog Norman is my biggest Distraction !! He is a very naughty cockapoo”

Jodie, Blogger and Editor in Chief of PlusMinus

“I definitely organise and tidy. Or cook a really challenging recipe”

Ruth, SEN specialist teacher

“I have a small addiction to Candy Crush, I also love to disappear into a book- my current book (Alex by Pierre Le Maitre) is a little disturbing but gripping”

Melissa, Retail Manager

“I love a good scroll through Facebook, when my toddler gives me the chance !!”

Claudia, Student and Intern

“I love to paint. Something very detailed is good, making you focus on one thing, so you can’t be thinking about anything else”

Becky, Radiographer

I find that journals such as the ‘be your best self’ one that paperchase does create a free thinking space with quotes and ideas to help me remember what I have to be positive and happy about…

Charlotte, Blogger and Features Editor, PlusMinus

“I throw myself into a pamper session or I love to sit on Pinterest planning my future”

Pavlina, Student and Intern

“One thing that really helps is driving by myself”

Sophie, Blogger, Writer

“Beach walks, read non fiction, see what my friends have shared on Facebook and I love to write pieces for publications and my own blog. Oh and TRAVEL thats such a big thing too”

Ben, Blogger, Fashion Editor, PlusMinus

“I love a good podcast because it fills the space that would otherwise be open to wallow in your own thoughts. My current faves are Jules and Sarah the Podcast and At home with”

Jamie, Blogger, Stonewall Volunteer

“I love to just go by myself for a walk or take myself for a coffee”

Becky, Masters Student and Retail Assistant

“I love a good book, but lately I have taken to trying out new recipes and writing in my journal. I find where I live right now (York) to be really inspiring, I love to go on walks and take pictures of things I consider to be beautiful”

Rachel, TV Presenter and Out and About Editor PlusMinus 

“I love to use Instagram to procrastinate, adding things to my ASOS wish list, also spending ages in supermarkets”

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