Having a capsule wardrobe sounds more complicated than it actually is, mastering the secrets will make dressing a breeze and bring you a lot of pleasure. We have already shared where you can buy a capsule wardrobe online filled with classic pieces perfect for any occasion.

This time around we are focusing on how to create a business casual capsule wardrobe. This requires a little more thought and precision. When it comes to business casual, that category straddling option, you are required to swap between smart and dressing down with crossover and isolation for any given moment. Essentially your business casual capsule has to be versatile, and flexible to make it work for you.

We have broken it down into 4 easy to follow sections that will help to build your wardrobe. As before remember the number of times you will wear these pieces, so focus on quality items. Also remember to choose colours that work together, so that you can build in as many options as possible.

To find out how to create a business casual capsule wardrobe read on.

1.Versatile Separates

The best place to start is the beginning, so start with the things that will work with almost all situations. We are talking about the base pieces that you can build any look around. These are the things that you can turn to every day, so remember to consider cost per wear. Think roll necks, simple trousers and soft cardigans in quality materials that will wash well and stand the test of time.

2.Smart Signature Items

When the day brings more smart than casual, you will need pieces in your arsenal that focus on the business end of the scale. You will need a great suit, but this can be built from separate pieces, matchy matchy isn’t the be all and end all. We love &Other Stories for this section of the business capsule wardrobe, remember to pick colours that work together, or go wild and clash to your heart’s content.

3.Casual day savours

Just as you will have occasions that require a jacket, you will have days that don’t. For these occasions, you will need pieces that scream comfort, hug you when you need them on that chilly Sunday afternoon at a festive market and be perfect for that impromptu (totally planned) trip to the pup on Thursday evening. Think chunky jumpers, your favourite jeans and cosy coats.

4.Touch of luxe   

These are the items that will work with everything, ergo can be an investment. These will end up being the finishing touches of all your looks, so remember to consider wearability and quality. This is the time buy those knee-high boots you have always wanted, guilt-free. Perhaps a leather jacket or maybe even the handbag of your dreams, if you can put it in your capsule wardrobe you are guaranteed to get your monies worth.