Do you ever spend time scrolling through social media and wishing that you had the bags on THAT Instagram and the body on THAT model? How about the job on THAT profile that belongs to the person that you envy? We all do it. We all scroll through stories and watch the lives of other people like we watch the television; with interest!

Other people are fascinating to watch, but have you ever thought about turning off your phone and looking in the mirror? What is it about their lives that make you envy them? Is it the designer handbags and luxury high-end makeup? Is it the fact they’re managing their careers like a boss; with total ease and a lot of cash? Whatever it is, it’s got to stop. It’s all well and good looking through those hashtags and wishing you could be the ‘goals’ of your own life. The thing is, it’s time to stop wishing. If you want that better career, go back to university and get that education that you’ve craved for so long. If you want that amazing designer handbag, get yourself on a money-management course and learn how to save your cash until you do get it. Nothing in life comes for free and you have to be the master of your own destiny, which means that you need to take time to work out what it is your life is missing to envy everyone else.

You may want to feel empowered and step up to be the best person that you could possibly be, but you should really start with what you want from your life and go from there. It’s not easy to find out what you want, but you have to really think about it to get there. Once you have made some choices about what you want, you can start working on them. Start off with making a mood board that you can hang in your house in a visible area. You should make sure that you pin everything that you want to your goals board and make it everything that you want. Every time you would walk past those goals, you can feel motivated to go out and get them. Setting life goals is the first thing to do, then you need to work out how to get to each one.

Furthering your career, expanding your family and even making it a goal to buy that high-end makeup from Clinique that you envied so much can all happy for you. You won’t always find it easy, to be the goals of your own life. But there is one important thing to remember, and that is that social media is only a small glimpse, and anyone can pretend to have a perfect life. It’s up to you to ensure that your life isn’t a pretend one. Aim for your goals and hit them with everything that you’ve got, and you’ll be using your own goals hashtag on your Instagram posts – and there won’t be anything false within it!