Work, it is something we all have to do. We all want to do well at work, and getting ahead is the key to further chances, more money and more creative freedom at work.

Keep reading to find out how to be a go getter.


Yes is the gateway to more responsibility. If you were the one to take on the overtime to get through those invoices, or make headway through those customer’s accounts. Then you are the one that will be offered more chances. In saying yes to most things (within reason, be sensible here) you will gain trust, respect and praise.

By saying yes, you might land your very own account. throw the staff Christmas party? Say yes and in 2020 you might get to organise the press day. Saying yes will turn you into a go getter.

Be nice

As silly as that sounds, it is seriously important. The best advice we were veer give, was never write something in an email that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. In short ensure that you are always cordial at work. If you feel you have a bone of contention with a fellow colleague or a business practice, then address it in a mature and respectful manner.

If you are regarded as being polite well mannered and attentive to other people’s need you will get ahead. In discussion surrounding promotion your senior colleagues will remark on how well you conduct yourself in the workplace. In short that promotion is yours.

Killer Heels

Seriously, if you walk the walk, then you feel ready for everything Karen from finance can throw at you. Throw on your favourite heels, and turn the boardroom into your catwalk. If scientists haven’t found that heels boost confidence levels, they they are lying.

Confidence is EVERYTHING when it comes to being a go getter. Shop our favourites below.

Assertive over Agression

Your sat in a meeting, and Trevor is coming up with some ridiculous ideas, he has right royally got on your nerves. Keep your cool. Office politics are crazy, and no one wants to be tabled as the angry woman, men love that stuff. Don’t give them the chance. Make sure you stay on the right side of aggression, whilst still being assertive over a situation.

Instead of showing your irritation with Trevor, channel that energy into better solutions, better answers. Get your ideas pushed through, and leave Trevor behind. All whilst being assertive.

Say No

Okay so we did tell you to always say yes. But sometimes it pays to say no. In all seriousness, if you have been asked to complete a task, and you don’t have the time or right set of skills, saying no will be the right thing to do.

Not only will this reduce the stresses on you, but will also earn you respect from your colleagues and superiors. You are showing one of the most respected assets in a great person, HONESTY. You are reducing the chances of personal failure, but also that of your team. It will be wonderful, trust us.

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How to be a go getter

How to be a go getter