Various hair removal methods are followed by almost everyone today as one’s appearance has proven to play a very big role in both their personal and professional lives. But recently, many women and men have switched over to laser hair removal, one of the most successful treatments that have gained popularity over the conventional methods. While there are a few women who embrace their body hair, you might want to get rid of it and that’s totally your choice and don’t feel shy to go with it.

Laser treatment is known for being quick, clean, with significant success rates yet the expense factor has always been of concern to many. But it is time you understand how time and money can be saved with this amazing treatment.

Saves time

Stocking up razors or booking millions of appointments for waxing in a parlour will only help you for that moment. Have you kept time with a stopwatch to check how long you take to either shave or wax all your unwanted body hair? It is found that average women spend almost 72 days for shaving which is more than two months, and 7 hours a year for waxing. Don’t you feel you are wasting all your time on these things? In contrast, laser sessions take only an hour or 30 minutes to treat all your body hair.

Depending upon the areas to be treated, the time will vary. Usually smaller areas like the upper lip, chin, neck, underarms, bikini line, etc, will take hardly a few minutes to be treated, while larger areas like the chest, thighs, legs, hands, abdomen, etc will take almost an hour. After each session, you will notice hair reduction and so you will need four to eight laser sessions to see complete hair loss in the treated areas.

Saves money

The cost of laser treatment seems to be high and this has stopped many from choosing this effective hair removal method. But how much do you think you are spending on all the razors and the waxing appointments? You might not realise its expense since you use them throughout the year. Though waxing lasts longer than shaving, in both these methods your hair will always be back. In just a few weeks or a month, all your shaved or waved hair will be visible again.

You must have come across a lot of rashes, burns, ingrown hairs, and other problems after shaving or waxing. But, laser treatment makes sure that only the hair follicles are damaged and not the surrounding areas. Depending upon your hair and skin type, the number of sessions required for you varies. But from all this, you can understand that your money is saved and the laser is a cost-effective treatment worth trying. The solution isn’t temporary, though it takes a few sessions, you will find permanent hair-free goals.

Laser treatment pays off in the long run. It is definitely a great investment for now as well as for the future.