How much thought do you give to the food that you buy? 

That’s what a recent survey by AO asked the public – and the results might surprise you. How do you shopping habits compare? 

Shopping more sustainably 

Covering topics such as sustainability, shopping locally and plastic consumption, the survey by AO asked the British public the questions we should all be asking ourselves. 

Far from the horror stories you might read online, the results found that we place a whole lot of value on where our food comes from and how we receive it. 70% of people in the UK are now trying to buy locally sourced products because it’s important to them and, on average, are willing to pay 21% more to do their bit for the environment. 

At a time when we’re all worried about never getting on the property ladder, never retiring or relying on our side hustles to pay the bills, it shows that our hearts are still in the right place. 

Another interesting finding is that women seem to be leading the way towards sustainable food practices. Women are especially conscious of the impact of plastic, with men twice as likely to say they have done nothing to reduce their plastic use. 

Want to see how your food habits compare? Take a look at the most revealing results below: