So the new year has just passed us and even though summer feels like it’s an age away, it will creep up on us faster than we think! During the summer we are more likely to entertain at home and have friends round due to the lovely weather, the lighter evenings, and generally the happier mood. If your home is in need of a bit of tlc, here are some home improvement ideas ready for the summer so that when you have your friends and family over, you can wow them with your stylish home.

Repurpose old furniture

One great way of improving your home without having to spend the earth is by repurposing old furniture. Whether you choose to give your cabinets a fresh lick of paint, or whether you’re going a little more creative and turning that old ottoman into a cosy window seat, it can completely change the look of a room. There are tons of upcycling ideas that you can find on Pinterest, so get your creative hat on and completely change up your home!

Make an outside space

Regardless of whether you’re a regular user of your garden, you have to admit that in the summer it’s lovely to be sat outside in the sun with company and some ice cold drinks. Consider creating a seating area with an alfresco roof which will allow you to enjoy the sunshine while keeping cool and being able to relax for a few hours with your friends and family. Another neat trick is to create a few flower beds so that you’ve got something to look at while you’re soaking up the rays.

Consider re-doing your kitchen/diner

A popular area for people to be when you’ve got company over is in the kitchen/dining room. If your kitchen/diner is a bit dated and in need of a refresher, then consider investing the money into it so that when you do have company, you can impress them with your design skills. Again, improving and re-doing your kitchen/diner doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If cabinets are in good condition then painting them to freshen them up will make the world of difference. You could even get creative with old furniture and create a kitchen island!

Invest in new seating

One thing that every hostess needs is plenty of seating for their guests, and there’s nothing worse than trying to cover up stains or holes in current seating so that your guests don’t see it. Consider investing in new seating so that when you come to entertain you can be proud of your seating! Also, a new seating area will completely change the look of any room making it feel brand new!

Try these four home improvement ideas in your home now so that you can get your home ready for those all important dinner parties and get togethers! Most of all, be proud of your home and enjoy yourself!