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H&M Fashion Recycling Week

Hot on the heels of success of their Conscious fashion collection, H&M UK and IE are venturing one step further to encourage environmental sustainability by teaming up with the London College of Fashion for their first nationwide Fashion Recycling Week from 31st August – 6th September.

For several years, the popular High Street brand has championed sustainable fashion, making a conscious effort to encourage eco-friendly fashion consumerism with their motto – “looking good should do good too.”

H&M Fashion Recycling Week

To celebrate the fashion week launch, the Creative Direction students were tasked with the challenge to create window displays within eight key city stores across UK and Ireland, using clothes donated through H&M’s Garment Collecting Initiative.

“It has been an incredible opportunity for the students to explore sustainability from both a conceptual and industry perspective” said Renée Cuoco, Centre for Sustainable Fashion Manager. “The students’ work showcases creative approaches in encouraging people to value their clothes as the precious resources they are.”

H&M Fashion Recycling Week

The Garment Collecting Initiative aims to repurpose and give new and extended life to unwanted clothes, whilst rewarding customers with discount vouchers to spend in store. So far, an impressive 7,684 tonnes of used garments have been collected. Catarina Midby, Sustainability Manager H&M UK & IE explains: “We recycle no less than 97% of the clothes and textiles we collect into new products like clothes, insulation for cars and most importantly into new garments, closing the loop in fashion.”

During the Fashion Recycling Week, there is a chance to win £250 to spend in store. All you need to do is Instagram your guess of the number of items of clothing used in each window display, posting a picture of the window, tagging @hm, and the hashtag #CloseTheLoop.

H&M Fashion Recycling Week

The week will be centred on raising awareness to reduce waste in the fashion industry, ultimately working towards a ‘closed loop’ system.

It’s so easy to become a part of this global initiative by simply donating your unwanted clothes to any H&M store. To mark celebrations for the week, a giant garment collecting box will be located in the Covent Garden Piazza, and as a reward, you’ll receive double discount vouchers for your next purchase in H&M, so why not give your unwanted clothes a new lease of life, and recycle them to help create a more sustainable fashion future?

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