Saving the world through shoes? Sounds like a great plan to us!

And that’s exactly what shoe brand Hey Dude Shoes is trying to do. The brand, best known for its comfortable yet attractive shoes, is launching a recycling scheme to help save the environment one sole at a time.

Hey Dude are offering their customers 20% off their next pair of shoes when they take part in their campaign against landfill waste. Simply take any old pair of shoes to Hey Dude to receive the discount.

Here are some of our favourite Hey Dude shoes that you can use the discount code towards:

And if the combination of doing good for the environment and getting discounted shoes wasn’t enough, this might convince you: If the donated shoes are in good enough condition to not yet be recycled, Hey Dude will pass your pre-loved shoes on to a charitable cause so those in need can receive a pair of shoes too.

Lee Catherine, E-commerce manager commented: “Hey Dude shoes are inspired by enjoyment of outdoors living and it only seems right we do as much as we can to protect the environment we love being a part of and to help those who need it the most”. In today’s modern culture it’s a popular habit to push your old shoes and clothes to the side because something new has come along– Which is why Dude Shoes are championing their recycle scheme so that shoes are re-loved or recycled rather than adding to landfill wastage.

Any old Dude shoes that can be re-worn including factory seconds will be sent to a charity where they can fulfill their purpose of being the funkiest, comfiest shoes for a new owner who needs them more! If the shoes sent back and have had their day and a little insole refreshment isn’t enough for them, then we get them recycled where the materials will get separated and broken down to made into new other materials to make future footwear, clothing or materials for children’s playgrounds.”

Brodie O’Brien, marketing assistant added: “When summer draws to a close you can retire your canvas shoes in a way that will benefit others and return them for some discounted Dude winter footwear which benefits you as the seasons change and allows you to repeat when it’s time to wear somsummer shoes once again.”

If you feel inspired to go green; check out the Hey Dude Recycle scheme HERE. Send in your old pair of Dude Shoes to be reused or broken down into new materials and then reap the 20% off code by treating yourself to a new pair.