It is clear by now that the fashion industry has an impact upon the wider world and, in recent years, many companies have sought out ways to try and ease such issues. One such company is H&M, who is making waves with its Conscious collection.

Conscious collection is a capsule collection which aims to promote sustainability, ethics and recycling. And this isn’t a one-off line or purely a stunt; in the past the High Street brand has also had incentives for consumers to recycle old garments. Alongside these collections and schemes, H&M is one of the retailers buying the most organic cotton in the world, and aims to source only organic cotton for all their products by 2020.

It is clear that H&M is committed to changing the way we buy and consume fashion, but this year they intend to go further than ever. H&M conscious collection – now in its 5th year – aims to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability.

Their brand new collection, launching this April, may just be the most exciting and innovative one yet. The collection will focus on plastic pollution and the millions of tonnes of bottles and plastics that end up in water systems every year, recycling them into fashion to reverse this damage.

Plastic may not sound pretty, but we can assure you it definitely is at H&M. One of the stand out pieces is a powder pink pleated plissé gown, which is simply stunning. However, it is even more incredible when you realise that H&M have created the dress out of their own recycled material: BIONIC.

BIONIC is a recycled polyester made from shoreline waste such as plastic bottles. Never before has a dress had such a positive impact upon the earth.

As well as womenswear and menswear, H&M are also introducing a conscious collection for children. This shows how dedicated H&M is to educating all ages about the importance of sustainability in fashion.

What is so amazing about this collection is that the waste that has been discarded can be utilised and then reborn into stunning and fashion forward garments. It really shows what is possible with sustainable materials.

Recycling has never been cooler.

The new H&M Conscious collection will be available in store and online from the 20th of April.