We love brunch, nearly as much as we love good causes. Well, this coming Sunday we can combine our two great loves in one place.

Come to the amazing brunch event in Shoreditch, London on Sunday 3rd of March with friends OR host your own with friends and family. All in support of aiming to eradicate.Period Poverty in the UK

This is all being hosted by Bloody Big Bruch. They host travelling brunch events. Where they encourage people to celebrate female empowerment, raise donations and awareness for period poverty, and break down the stigma and shame. The donations they raise in each city then get filtered through local community projects in the region.

Here are some stats to prove why Bloody Big Brunch needs all our help:

One in ten women and girls in the UK (10%) have experienced period poverty in their lifetime

More than one in ten girls (12%) have had to improvise sanitary wear due to affordability issues

Nearly half (48%) of girls aged 14-21 in the UK are embarrassed by their periods

137,000 girls missing school each year due to reasons relating to their periods

Scotland have last year made monumental changes in legislation last year. Making period products free and accessible in schools and colleges (with our campaign receiving a motion in parliament)

However, in the rest of the UK, there is no such legislation. Period products are still taxed as a luxury item (unlike, say, condoms)


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Bloody Big Bruch’s next step is to get the nation involved by encouraging the public to host their own brunches at home. Collecting products from guests and bringing the topic of menstruation into homes, offices, colleges, universities and everywhere in between.

For this, they have partnered with the fabulous Amika George who has campaigned at length for free sanitary products. George is taking legal action against the government to argue that without free access to period provision in schools/colleges, females are being denied their basic human rights.

Bloody Big Brunch has served a role in implementing legislation which sees the Scottish Government ensuring that students across Scotland will have access to free period products. Amika is doing amazing work to get this legislation passed in England. BBB is working to both raise donations for local communities AND raise funds for the legal campaign.

Find the crowd justice page here


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If you cannot get to Shoreditch this weekend, then you can host your own event. All you need to do is register at Bloody Big Bruch and download your host pack. Then you need to invite friends, neighbour, your mother in law, and anyone else who will be up for helping a good cause.

Then head to the shops to get all the things you could need for your brunch, ASDA has a handy list to help you get this brunch planned in a matter of moments. Tell your friends they will need to pay in period products, BBB will handle this for you – all is explained here.

Finally, SHARE everything you are doing for BBB to end period poverty.

There are so many ways to help out this worthy cause.


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Head to Bloody Big Bruch’s Instagram for more information, as well as Hey Girls Instagram too. Together we can end period poverty.