After the recent American election, you could be forgiven for thinking Halloween was just a couple of days ago…

But back to what is traditionally regarded as the scariest time of year and we were preparing for one of the goriest parties to hit East London. Yep, here at ‘Plusminus’ we were lucky enough to be checking out House of Vans’ fully immersive horror experience.

As I tried (and failed) to eloquently remove my fangs at the door to tell the bouncer my name, I had a sudden moment of panic – was I about to live out the famous Halloween scene from ‘Mean Girls’ and turn up, drenched in fake blood, only to find I was Lindsay Lohan in a room full of sexy cats and bunnies?

Fortunately, my worries were quickly, and literally, put to bed as I walked into what could have been the bedroom of the lead girl in ‘The Exorcist’, complete with an exact replica of the girl writhing around and terrifying the living daylights out of everyone.

Relieved that I’d left my whiskers at home and apprehensive about who – or what – I would come face to face with next, I hurriedly moved into a more familiar setting: live music.

House of Vans is renowned for hosting impressive art, films, and bands. And on this occasion they had secured ‘Headz and Brainz’, courtesy of ‘Metalheadz and Exit Records’. Live bands played a range of well-known horror remixes – something that firmly rooted us to the dance floor.

But if the music didn’t swing it for you, you could easily have spent the night people watching. One of the scariest outfits we saw was House of Vans’ very own masked figure with a chainsaw who kept popping up unexpectedly. This was not a party for the faint hearted.

And the night didn’t end there – the art-house pulled out all of the stops by hosting a Halloween “Skate Jam” in its skate park, giving out prizes for the best dressed and showcasing an all-nighter of horror movies in its cinema room.

The spooky atmosphere was further exaggerated with the venue’s cold, arched stone ceiling and brick walls that could give the ‘London Dungeons’ a run for their money.

If you missed out on their Halloween party, don’t fear – House of Vans celebrates the weird and wonderful all year round. Along with their sister house in New York, the art-house hosts pop-up events around the world, utilising skateboarding, street culture and fashion as tools for creative expression.