With a brand name like Haluminous, one can only think of the words luminous and halogen (or hallucinogenic). And with that in mind, you would imagine the designs to be bold and unusual – which is exactly what was exhibited at the presentation of designer Hannah Kim’s collection for AW17, ‘Floral DNA’.

Walking into a room with a circle outlined in flowers, this wasn’t going to be your typical Fashion Week presentation. Red was a prominent colour, as a backdrop of real flowers on a red silky material set the scene for the Floral DNA presentation. A model then came into the room in a red and black hooded top emblazoned in textures and beading. This was definitely an eye-opener and demonstrated that perhaps this collection wasn’t just for women. Floral DNA is a collection for everyone – it’s androgynous, eclectic and unique.

Soon after the first, models entered the room one by one, while another danced in an almost possessed like state in the middle of the floral circle. While music played with lyrics of ‘I am a flower but also a human’, it was as though the audience has been subjected to watching a ritual.

The models wore colours of red, white and black, all symbolic and strong in their own right. Noticeably, the crown of the model’s hair resembled that of a 1920’s showgirl with the bottom textured and wild. Every detail was meaningful and beautiful and, if you were lucky to get a close up of their minimal makeup, each had Japanese writing across their face.

Along with the loose fitting textured clothing and almost possessed like performance, was Floral DNA making a point about the fashion industry or society as a whole? We’ll never know.

There was something almost biblical about the whole presentation drawing parallels between us as humans, our anatomy and how similar we are to flowers.

Haluminous, based in Sydney, Australia, was started by Hannah Kim in 2016 and specialises in accessories and womenswear. She experiments with embellishments, silhouettes as well as beading and is heavily influenced by flowers and the surreal. There is no surprise that the Floral DNA presentation was of course surreal, edgy and something out of this world.