We all want to have more control over our lives. We have shown you how to effectively use habit tracker journals to bring more stability and ease to your hectic lives. However—, this isn’t always possible when you are on the go all the time

Enter the apps that will help you keep control over your mind, body and other elements of day to day life too. Keep reading to find the best habit forming apps to download today.


This app helps you prioritise the things that you need to do day on day. Giving you updates of things that you need do in the time order that they need doing, will be perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle. This can be used across your phone and your computer, so that it can help you be more productive whilst you are working too.

This app is pretty simple, but it doesn’t take much to become stricter with your habits and your productivity.



This is a great app that helps with meditation, there are loads out there very similar, so make sure you find the best one for you. Breethe is great to start you on your journey to meditate, with easy weeks of sessions that bring your mind into the best way to meditate for you.

You can start slowly, and work out how you want to use the app. Over time will help you to relax on your communte, reduce stress and anxiety when you need it. You can also use this app to help you drift off into restful nights sleep.


This is for iPhone users only. We are a big fans of the health app that sits quite happily in your phone all the time. This is the one place that is keeping an eye on you all the time, but not in a creepy way. Yes this app is tracking how you sleep, your mindfulness, your nutrition and your activity.

One easy to access feature of this app is your activity. It measures your steps, miles walked and flights of stairs climbed. One hectic day of last Fashion week, we recorded a very healthy 5.9 miles walked. It does require you to have your phone with you at all times, but these days, who doesn’t?


Ever go shopping, and hope what you want is on special offer, only to find that it’s not? Well now with MySupermarket you can help yourself always pay the least. You can either set up a shopping list, and check who has the cheapest offers. Or if you aren’t one to stick to a list, then you can use the barcode scanner to check the price of the item live.

Okay so it means that you will have to shop around, but if you are serious about saving money then this is super helpful. It will also boost your activity!


Streaks is the habit forming app that helps you turn up to 12 activities into a habit. You can add these tasks to a to do list that you need to compete daily. This can be small things like drinking 2 litres of water, walking the do, eating fruit or brushing your teeth.

You earn streaks of doing those tasks, and if you forget you go back to 0. Keeping your streak going increases the chances of creating habits. You can set things that you want to do less often than daily, like going to the gym 3 times a week. Streak is a customisable app to help you form habits in general.


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The best habit forming apps

The best habit forming apps