Instagram has become our go-to place for travel inspiration — and we envy those who venture around the globe taking photographs for a living. But there’s an opportunity for us to do that too; whether we plan to explore the historic cities of our own country or tap into a new culture entirely.

Whatever you’re interested in, the opportunities you have when you’re planning to travel are endless. However, you must have a plan of action set in stone when it comes to making the final decision. Remember that you need to pick somewhere that is entirely photogenic that can be uploaded straight to your social media profiles to impress all of your followers.

There are three main challenges when it comes to holidaying, and you’re probably already familiar with them: planning, booking and packing. This can leave jet setters flustered, especially when you’re travelling with photography equipment.

We’ve teamed up with Clifton Cameras, who stock a range of Leica cameras, to bring you the following infographic which looks at a range of factors when it comes to travel photography.

With 98% of travellers in a Topdeck Travel survey saying that they take photographs when they’re on holiday, the infographic below provides a list of must-have essentials when it comes to photography abroad — from tripods to memory cards and microfibre cloths to the camera itself! Not only that, there’s a ‘nice to have’ list intended to make photography an overall better experience.

Getting stopped at airport security is every traveller’s worst nightmare, especially when travelling with electronic equipment such as cameras. Using the travel considerations that are listed in the visual below — you’ll be able to avoid this at all costs.

If you’re stuck on picking a destination, the infographic also proves handy in that it compiles a list of destinations that you must travel to at least once in your lifetime, including Iceland, Hawaii, Dubai and more.

Once you’ve decided on where to go and have officially booked the trip, make sure to get your camera insured so that everything is covered when you venture out into the world of photography.