Life is hard, especially when you are younger. There are lots of things that we know know, that would have made our lives easier when we were younger. We wish we could go back and tell ourselves that things will be okay, not to care so much, and to enjoy being young.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but we all have young people in our lives, so this is great advice for them. Keep reading to find out our life Goals for girls, we wish we’d been told.

Your friends do NOT define who you are

We are sure you remember cliques and hierarchy of school. Gosh, it was a literal minefield. Your friendship group meant the world to you. Sometimes they could cloud your judgment, inform opinions and create prejudice where there was none.

Looking back, it much better to have less friends, but honest and open relationships. If we could go back and tell ourselves we would in a heartbeat. In the long run this would create well rounded people.

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‘Success’ does not mean Happiness

Please don’t confuse us here, you can be successful and be happy; but it is not the be all and end all. When we are young it is drummed into us that we must be academic achievers, we must attain the highest standards. Yet this leaves very little room for what the heart actually desires.

It removes a lot of the possibilities surrounding the creative industries. With academic subjects being favoured, it leaves a lot of graduates very clever, but not so employable. Allowing girls to follow their heart will lead them on a natural path to success.

Celebrate being young

All children want to do is grow up, lusting to be older, have more responsibilities, ‘fun’ and experiences. However, being an adult has its perks (we will let your imagination fill the gaps here) but on the whole it is really hard.

Having to work 3 jobs, pay taxes, juggle responsibilities, relationships, NEVER HAVING ENOUGH TIME. Yeah adulting is a piece of cake, we will do more of this. We tell all young people we meet, to celebrate being young, to enjoy it, and to never wish it away.

Stand up and Stand Out

We were always trying to get by with the least fuss, but sometimes we felt strongly about things. Standing up for rights, and issues is a huge part of peoples lives in 2019. Children can make a difference, just look at all the climate change discourse.

So we would tell girls and ourselves to stand up and stand out.

Puberty is a bitch

Puberty is a bitch. To all of us, period. No one goes through this hormone heavy session of life unscathed. We all got mood swings, acne, growth spurts, weight gains and all the mess in between. Puberty is not personal, it happens to all of us, so try and ignore it.

We know kids can be cruel to each other, but if we could go back, we would instil empathy in our peers. To try and make children realise they are all going through the same things.

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Don’t hold grudges

How many times did you ignore, hate or bitch about someone for something they did to you when you were 9. Yeah, us too. Quite honestly looking back it is ridiculous. LET GO. The other person probably won’t even remember, so only you are suffering, which is stupid.