We would all like more control in our lives, with schedules spiralling out of control and tasks being forgotten. We have all been there, and go through this constantly, you are not alone.

However, we feel like we have a good handle on things at the moment, and wanted to share our tips. So keep reading to find out how to get your life together in 6 easy steps.

Step One: The Evaluation Process

So you are here, and for some reason you feel like your life is not quite together. This is a valid emotion to feel, and to seek control and composure is healthy. Know that however put together others appear to be, they struggle just like you too. This is normal, you are doing fine, you really don’t need to stress too much about this at all.

Breathe deeply. Remember we are all a work in progress.

Step Two: The Evaluation Process

Okay so now that you have realised that you are going to be okay, let’s work out what brought you here. What is happening in your life to make you feel like you are out of control?

Do you need to make more time in your schedule so that you will be on time more often? Do you want to do more exercise? Start a new project? All of these things need evaluating and considering along side all the other aspects of your life.

Step Three: The Planning

List everything that you have to do in an average day, big or small it needs to be on that list. Then you need to allot time to each task, this will allow you to fulfil these things to the best of your ability.

If you are struggling with time, remember that sometimes you don’t have to do everything in one day. You can spread your tasks over the week or month. If you are still pushed for time then perhaps this is a task you can remove or delegate.

Either way this overview of your schedule will help you bring composure and control to your life, and make you feel more in charge of your trajectory.

Step Four: The Dry Run

You need to live this time budget for at least a week, test the water, how is everything working out? Have you really got time for that extra Pilates class on a Wednesday? Has outsourcing your cleaning really given you more time?

This dry run will help to adjust your perspective and handle on your life. This is essential in restoring a natural balance to your sense of having your life together.

Step Five: The Adjustment process

Now that you have had your dry run, adjust your weekly schedule. Axe the plans that didn’t work, readjust the timings, and give yourself whatever you need to make yourself happy. Control doesn’t mean strict and dull, it can just mean easy and managed smooth running of your day to day life.

Be realistic and honest with yourself, and you will create a plan that will make you feel like you have your life together.

Step Six: Living your life

The plan and control will fade over time. Instead of feeling like you are working towards being in control, you will be in control. You will have your life together, and day to day will be much less of a struggle.