Jobs, we all have them. Essentially we live in a world where we need to earn money on order to pay for our lives. However, not all jobs are created equally.

Yes there are some amazing career paths out there if you look hard enough. We adore seeing how different people work, and their exciting career paths. Which brings us very nicely to our ‘How to get paid to’ series. This is where we showcase incredible people and their jobs.

Today is the turn of Myfanwy Nolan, who spends her days with her beloved Henry. Henry is a 10 month old Goldendoodle with his own Instagram Account. Myfanwy and Henry spend their days in the picturesque setting of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Our Fashion Editor Ben, got the chance to attend a photoshoot ‘101 Dogs: A Chatswoof photoshoot’, and met Myfanwy in her incredible role.

Ben grabbed 5 minutes with Myfanwy, to talk about her job, @chatswoof, and how she makes a living spending her days with her dog.

chatswoof chatsworth house

What is your Job Role at Chatsworth, and how did your career lead to this role?

I am social media and content manager here. I originally studied English Literature and started on my way into academia, before realising that I like working as part of a team better than independently. From there I went into publishing, where I found my way into marketing, including running various social media accounts.

Chatsworth has been a special place for me and my family since I was a child, and this role came up just as I was looking for a way to leave London… In Scotland there’s a phrase, “what’s for you will not go by you” – it felt like that.

Describe a typical day at Chatsworth

There is no typical day at Chatsworth! We’ve just opened our 2019 exhibition, ‘The Dog: A Celebration at Chatsworth’. Season opening is always busy, and this year we had one of the craziest days ever as we invited 100 dogs to come along for a portrait shoot (search #chatswoof on Instagram to see the results), immediately followed by two days of filming an advert for the exhibition, then a press call involving the Duke and Duchess and their own dogs, Max and Treacle.

Things will start to settle down a bit now that we’re open, so days centre around planning and executing paid social campaigns; taking photos and video of the house, garden, farmyard and adventure playground throughout the year; day-to-day running of our various social media accounts.chatswoof chatsworth house chatswoof chatsworth house

Where did the idea for Henry’s role at Chatsworth come from?

The idea started with me wanting a dog. Like, really, really, really wanting a dog. And pestering my boss (the Marketing Manager) for over a year to let me have one and bring it to work… The more I thought about it, the more ideas I had: taking a dog out and about with me while capturing photos and video was such a natural fit.

A dog also gives me an excuse to get up close with some of the smaller details in the garden and park. Then the plan for the dog exhibition was announced and the rest is history.

He’s a total goofball and so full of personality, he adds humour to every scene.

What is the best part of your job?

That comes down to the fact that Chatsworth is such a special place to so many people: whether they grew up visiting the farmyard and playground or coming to see the Christmas decorations in the house, or if it’s still on their list to visit after seeing the house in Pride and Prejudice, a documentary, or reading books written by the Mitfords… The entire estate is so beautiful and changes so much season to season; it makes me so happy to help people feel connected to the place no matter where they are.

Social Media gets a bad rep these days, what are your thoughts as a Social Media Manager?

Well, aside from the above, I think a big part of the problem with social media is that it can feel like wherever you look, someone is trying to sell you something – whether that’s influencers or brands – and so the actual potential of social media to be social, as in, connecting people, gets lost. Lately it does feel like there’s more of a movement towards fostering communities of like-minded people, which is great.

When creating organic content, I always think of our followers like an extended family – they may all have different reasons for following us, but each person is connected to everyone else by their relationship to Chatsworth.chatswoof chatsworth house chatswoof chatsworth house

What is Henry’s favourite part of Chatsworth?

Henry loves everything: have you seen his face?! Letting him run around a bit and taking photos in the garden before we open for the day is a recipe for instant zoomies. He has no idea how lucky he is to be able to experience that.

We cannot think of a better job, what have been your highlights so far?

Mostly the highlights are the little things: the comments on Henry’s posts make me smile every day, he has some hilarious followers; walking in the garden and watching the seasons change; seeing the Christmas decorations in the house for the first time each year; meeting hundreds of dogs and happy families at Chatsworth Country Fair in September; the flower-bonanza that is RHS Chatsworth in June… So many!

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