Decorating your home is probably either something you enjoy doing, or something that you avoid at all costs. There could be a number of reasons why you may not embrace decorating with open arms. It might be because you just lack any ideas on what to do. It might be because you don’t feel like you have the confidence to implement ideas, or just need that extra nudge on what to do and what might work well.

If inspiration is what you are seriously lacking there are things you can do and ways you can fix this dilemma.

Social media

One of the first places to go to for some inspiration is the likes of social media and one of the first platforms to look at would be Instagram. There are loads of accounts dedicated to renovation and home interior, set up purely to showcase the love they have for their home and the interior ideas and styling. Some of these accounts are stunning, and the homes and rooms they feature are bursting with inspiration.

The next platform I would recommend would be Pinterest. Not only is there a lot of visual interest, but there are also a lot of interesting articles explaining how to do things, where to get the best stuff and also some advice on doing things yourself. Both these sites are social media platforms, so you may find that you end up being absorbed into them, or even inspired to start your own accounts.

Renovation websites and businesses

Much like social media websites are brimming with inspiration, there are also websites online that you can peruse to gain inspiration for specific types of rooms and projects you may have in mind. Websites like or similar ones can have many images online to help inspire you for particular rooms, or projects you might want to take on. Some websites also offer blogs full of tips, or even e-commerce stores to purchase items or get quotes for specific work to be completed.

Going out into retail stores

Sometimes there is nothing better than heading to shop and seeing some home interiors styled in front of your eyes. This is when stores like IKEA are ideal for inspiration. Many of the stores layout starts with a showroom environment with different rooms set up for you to see items of furniture, beds, sideboards, bookshelves etc all being used. They also accessorize and decorate the spaces in on trend colors, which is great to help you feel inspired for different rooms in your home.

The homes of friends and family

Finally, while you may not want to copy friends and family, seeing how they have decorated and styled their homes can help you to feel inspired about some of the things you want to do. I’m sure your friends and family won’t mind if you use their homes as inspiration and some may see it as a compliment.

I hope this has directed you to some of the places you can get some home interior inspiration.