As you may know The Great British Bake Off is back, and unless you have been living under a cake tin you will know that it’s now on Chanel 4 with no Mary, Mel or Sue. Everything is different… or is it?

Well maybe it is different but for the most, it was pretty much the same. The music, tent, location and format is the same and just like a familiar recipe felt very comfortable to watch.

So whats new, well new hosts Sandi Toksvig & Noel Fielding rub together nicely with the similar comical quips that seem at some points a little forced. However, by challenge three all is forgiven when Noel exclaimed ‘I’m looking forward to a moist Clutch’ and ’no more touching your illusions’. New judge Prue also filled the gaping hole left by Mary Berry quite nicely- so far so good.

Back to the familiar, as always a beautifully diverse range of contestants make for fab television, with cakes thrown in the bin, hosts helping but really not helping, running and by far the most familiar an incredible showcase of baking talents. Paul was back on form give out a few of those handshakes and quips such as ‘that is the fattest Russian doll I have ever seen’.

What about the challenges; the first fruity cake challenge broke us in gently, with will it be cooked on time and forgotten curd drama. The technical had all the confusion we love. Finally, the showstopper round who doesn’t love a cake that looks like a pie, and Flo’s cake that could be mistaken for a water melon was INCREDIBLE.

For some more opinions, we took to WhatsApp…

On the move to Chanel 4

‘GBBO – instantly feels a bit like I’m cheating on a boyfriend’

‘I didn’t care for the singing cakes’

‘not sure about the themed adverts’

On the Mini Rolls

‘I could seriously eat any of those mini rolls’

‘not here for the peppermint though’

‘peppermint has no place in a mini roll’

‘I would be happy with any of the swirls thus far’

On the contestants

‘there is always a person who is scientific and does spreadsheets’

‘always a Granny who does home comforts and a flustered housewife’

‘it’s like a Benetton advert made into a cooking show’

On the Illusion Cakes

‘Black icing is not for me’

‘Bread and sandwich cake looks awesome’

‘my top 3- pancakes, ramen was great but the fish eggs looked great but odd- who wants a fish egg in their mouth in the context of cake, and the watermelon was excellent’

‘bread on board versus bread and sandwich – such a difference in ability’

So that’s what we thought of the first episode of the new GBBO, will we back for seconds with biscuit week? Well, we loved far more than we disliked so it’s a yes from us.


Image from Chanel Four GBBO Advert