Gant, a brand that made its name selling quality wardrobe staples, is back this summer with a collection that really matters. Gant’s Beacons Project is a 10 piece collection of denim shirts, which in themselves are lovely quality shirts, yet this collection gets even better.

Gant has moved its business in a more sustainable direction. With all of the oceans of the world polluted by plastic products that have been discarded by humans, Gant is making substantial waves in the world by harnessing the usefulness of this plastic refuse. Collecting the plastic and turning it into Tech Prep yarns that they then use in their shirts.Gant is not alone in this project, and have forged an unlikely partnership “We are partnering with fishermen in the Mediterranean to remove some of the 165 million tons of plastic floating in our oceans and upcycle it into the yarn for our shirts. Because even though we’re just one company we’ll never stop learning how we can make a difference” it is not often that big brands make such efforts to make the work a better place, and Gant will no doubt pave the way for other brands.

The recycled nature of the projects doesn’t just stop with the yarn, but the packaging is all recycled and the buttons are made from recycled plastics. This project feels personal, which is a surprise coming from Gant – a large brand. However, they state that the “The ocean’s business is everyone’s business” it is obvious that Gant mean what they say.

The core collection, for men and woman, features a range of button-down shirts in a soft and breathable denim. Offering a versatile and staple piece for your wardrobe, knowing that this comes from upcycled elements makes owning a Gant Tech Prep shirt even better. We also love the bell sleeved options for summer, allowing you to waft through the warmer months. We were lucky enough to try the shirts and we can confirm how breathable the material is, and the shirts will fit well in all wardrobes as we found them so versatile.

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