There’s nothing quite like a new year to give you the boost you might need for a fresh start and new beginnings. If the past twelve months have gone to plan, or haven’t quite been what you’ve expected; January is the right time to begin making major life decisions and making things up. Change is always a good thing; it’ll enrich your soul and ensure that you’re not stagnating anywhere or feeling unhappy for the majority of each week. Therefore, perhaps this could be the year that you decide to take the plunge, quit your job, and head to a new country to live and work for a while so that you’ve experienced a different culture, climate, and pace of life. Stop sitting in your new PJs and worrying about a potentially disappointing year; open up your laptop and begin exploring your feasible options.

Relocation for your job and career is a big decision; whether there is an opportunity within your company, or you have seen a job offer that you feel would be perfect, you need to take each element of your journey into consideration. However, if the biggest move of your life so far doesn’t make you a little nervous, then something is wrong, so don’t be put off by those butterflies in your stomach. Perhaps it’s a weather and lifestyle change that you’re craving, or maybe your career will thrive in a different country; whatever your reason for packing up and jetting off, its time to start making lists and planning your adventure. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to shake up their 2018 beyond recognition for an exciting and positive year (and more) ahead.

A New Life With Home Comforts

Although you’ll want your fresh start to feel new and exciting; it’s always worth making an effort to ensure that you don’t get those feelings of homesickness too soon or too often. Of course, you’re bound to feel a tinge every now and again as you settle into a new environment; however, you can make that Sydney apartment feel like your South London flat with a little preparation. You’ll need to look into companies like Chess Moving who will help you to understand your options in regards to what you’re going to have shipped internationally. Planning to have your essentials and must-have items of furniture, interior accessories, and belongings is a great way to settle into a new country, so make sure that you prioritise choosing your removal company as soon as possible. Ensuring that you have a new address and accommodation to move into should also be top of that list you’re writing, and the process can help you build excitement for the next chapter in your life.

Once you’ve organised your place of residence for the upcoming months; you can look at the images and figure out what you’re going to have where, and the sort of items that you’ll need to purchase on arrival. Perhaps you could consider travelling with a loved one; family members or friends will help you to create a homely space and will make your transition into your new life feel less daunting. A travel companion will also be able to help you to explore your new surroundings and sort out all the annoying admin that comes with moving into a new place in a new country. If taking your bestie or mum isn’t an option; look into apartment or house sharing; you’ll have automatic housemates who can show you around, and will probably have more experience and advice regarding your new local everything.

Find Your New Friends

Aside from connecting with your new housemates beforehand; you might want to reach out to more people before you get on the plane to begin this part of your life. The internet is the ideal place to seek out your future colleagues if you’ve secured your job role, or find fellow expats who are building a life in the destination where you want to be. Make sure you put the effort in now and be brave with reaching out; having people there when you arrive will make the whole experience less scary, and you could be making some life-long friendships. Arrange to meet up for drinks or dinner on your first or second night; the sooner you get to know people and places, the better it’ll be in regards to settling in and feeling at home.

Once you’re there; look into classes, clubs, and potential meetup situations that you’re likely to enjoy. If you’re a yogi or dancing is your thing; you’ll want to keep up your passion no matter where in the world you’re living. Therefore, booking yourself into the nearest class or get-together will only enrich your new life, and you’ll have another chance to meet like-minded people and potential new friends. Surrounding yourself with people you like is the best way to get to know a new country, city, and town, so it should be of great importance from the minute you arrive.

Embrace Your New Routine

Not everything about relocating abroad will be straightforward or easy; it will an exciting adventure, but it’s worth preparing for several challenges along the way. You’re going to miss many things about home, especially after the first few weeks, when you’ve been through the whirlwind of settling in. As long as you’re prepared to feel low at times; you’ll be able to pick yourself up and push forward with your new job and lifestyle. It’s crucial that you give everything a fair chance, and remember that nothing is set in stone. You were strong and brave enough to get yourself out there, so keep reminding yourself of that and understand that it will be okay to return home if things don’t work out; that’s the beauty of your adventure.

Take each day as it comes so that you can get into a routine that suits you and feels more appealing than the one you were in back at home. You’ll have made such a major change for an array of reasons, so bear these in mind when you’re doubting your decision or missing your old life.