For many people out there, summer is the most glorious time of the year. The weather is ideal for being outdoors, and it makes it possible to enjoy outdoor living if you will. Outdoor dining, entertaining, and relaxing are all possible when the sun is out and the temperatures are comfortable, which means it’s not unusual for you to receive invites for such events. For women being invited to an outdoor event of some sort, it calls for thought as to what you’ll wear. Obviously, you want to be comfortable for that particular temperature, but this is also when footwear will really make a difference.

Here we’ll take a look at some great footwear ideas that are perfect for an outdoor event in the summer. Some of these options will even work for multiple seasons, so you really get your money’s worth.

Ankle Boots – A Versatile Option All Year Round

If you’re looking to purchase footwear that is versatile, works in almost any season, and with almost any outfit, then your best bet is an ankle boot. 

Take, for example, the ankle boots from Head Over Heels. They have a wide range of styles, materials, and heel heights to choose from. A great option for those outdoor summer events is the Portis – Taupe, which is a ruched western boot and is very low cut with a low heel; or even the Paloma in Tan which is an ankle boot with a tassel strap that screams summer. You can style your ankle boots to work well with capris, shorts, a cute summer sundress, denim, and even trousers. Ankle boots can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event.

And, as mentioned, ankle boots aren’t just for the summer; they can be worn at any time. Depending on your work setting, you may even be able to wear them at the office. Just be sure to opt for something with a low chunky style heel. This will prevent them from sinking into the ground when you are outdoors.

Strappy Sandals – Fashionable Yet Practical

Another option is to go with a strappy sandal. What this means is a typical sandal style of shoe but with straps and/or buckles of some sort on it. The straps add style and even a touch of sexiness to the sandals, but they also serve a practical purpose. They will keep the sandal secured on your foot so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off while walking around at the event. 

This is a much better option than a standard flip flop, which offers no security (straps), and doesn’t add any elegance or trendiness to your outfit. As mentioned with the ankle boots, opt for a flat or something with a very low heel that won’t sink into the ground. A wedge or chunky heel is best.

Ballet Flats – Elegant and Sophisticated

If you’re looking to hit more of an elegant or sophisticated note with your outfit, then ballet flats are probably the best way to go. Rather than pick basic black, why not get creative and choose a lovely pastel shade of pink, yellow, or even blue. The shoes will then have a pop of fun summer colour without being too over the top or loud. Ballet flats are known for being extremely comfortable and will work with almost any outfit.

Footwear Shouldn’t be an After-Thought

When it comes to dressing for an outdoor event in the summer, your footwear shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be an after-thought. Instead, be mindful of the event location, the weather, and the dress code when picking the “perfect” shoes.