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Fashion is a form of art, but we are starting to see more and more beautiful collaborations where we no longer see their borders. Instead, we get to be mesmerized by a singular creation that brings out the most of both worlds.

 Phoebe English Polly Brown book

Photographer Polly Brown and London-based designer Phoebe English collide their artistic perspectives together in a new book, accompanying the current exhibition at Now Gallery: Floating | Falling | Drowning | Flying – an Introspective of Process. Running from 21st of May until the 9th of August, the show features an installation by Ms English, along with an archive of unseen photographs, sketchbooks, textile swatches, tools and research images used each season in the development of new and original work.

Phoebe English Polly Brown book

The process of her work was captured in a minimalistic and figurative way by Polly Brown, whose own deception of a modern and urban style is always told in an overwhelmingly simplistic and pure way. The collaboration between Brown and English isn’t a success only because their abstract and monochrome tones and shapes are speaking the same language, but also because they had drown so much into the different forms of art that they no longer see any limitations; they are flying above standards, exploring the possibilities outside of norms and expectations, brave enough not to worry about falling.
Phoebe English Polly Brown book

“Floating | Falling | Drowning | Flying – an Introspective of Process” is not just a behind-the-scenes book. It’s more than that, because Phoebe’s work behind the scenes is as eloquent as her front-of-house work and with Polly Brown’s take on it, it becomes an exposed compilation of everything simultaneously until we can no longer tell if we are falling or flying, but we feel good and we feel beautiful either way.

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Phoebe English Polly Brown book

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