The internet has changed everything in the last couple of decades- and is now used for work just as much as play. Because of how connected we are, it has provided endless opportunities for work and positions that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s allowed us to earn money in a flexible way, meaning we can tailor or work around our lives- instead of the other way around. Here are a few ideas to consider.  

Be a Work From Home Employee

These days, more and more businesses are realising the benefits of having a remote workforce. You might work entirely from home, or from home on certain days of the week. Either way, this can save you commuting time and means you get to earn money from the comfort of your home. Usually a workload will be assigned to you and as long as it’s completed by a deadline, you can structure your day however you like. This gives you plenty of flexibility, whether you need to do the school run, look after an elderly loved one, go to the gym, run your home or anything else- you can fit everything in around your flexible working hours. As you’re an employee contracted to a certain number of hours you get a regular wage each week and will still be entitled to employee benefits such as holidays and sick pay. You could either query with your current employer as to whether you could work remotely and see if they want to get on board, or you could look for home based positions. These exist in just about every field, and so it should be possible to get what you want.

Set up a Home Business

Setting up a home business allows you to pour your creativity and passion into something that’s just yours. You’re not earning money for a big corporation and instead are focusing on your own goals. It usually just involves filling in a few forms, first register your business (use a company registration agent for ease) and register to pay tax, and then you’re good to go. If you have a hobby or skill, often this is the basis for a good home business. Take baking for example, after applying to your council and getting the right food hygiene certificates, you could make cakes from home and either deliver, or have customers pick them up from your address. People are always in need of things like celebration cakes, with some simple social media promotion and word of mouth you could have a thriving home business doing something you love. If you don’t have a skill that could be utilised, how about buying a selling? This could be buying things wholesale and selling them for a profit. How about putting together hampers for celebrations, or buying wholesale makeup and selling them in sets in makeup bags? Otherwise you could simply sell individual items for a profit. The opportunities are endless.

How About a Mobile Business?

If you want a career where you work for yourself, but don’t want to spend most of your days at home- why not start a mobile business? You could become a mobile hairdresser, makeup artist, nail technician or any other kind of beauty trade. You would travel to clients houses to perform treatments, and could even offer group bookings for things like hen parties and weddings. You could become a photographer, you could do deliveries and removals or start a cleaning business. There are plenty of ideas so utilise your skills and experience, or go back and become trained so you can set up your own company,