Is a flatter stomach on your wish list? This is not about crash diets, losing weight or shedding pounds. This is very unhealthy, and not something that we condone at PlusMinus.

This post is about boosting natural gut activity, sparking digestive efficacy and reducing water retention. In short this post is about gaining a flatter stomach the healthy way.

Avoid Stress

By now we are sure that you know stress is bad for you full stop. However, when it comes to a flatter stomach stress is a big issues. Stress causes the production of Cortisol, the prehistoric flight or fight hormone. Instead of running away from dinosaurs, cortisol just causes fat retention in the abdomen.

Eat foods rich in potassium

Potassium is know for its properties for regulating the fluids in your body. So potassium rich foods can help prevent bloating after food, and keep your stomach looking flatter.

Great foods that are rich in potassium are: bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, apricots, grapefruit as well as cooked spinach and broccoli.

Stop eating so late

When you eat later your body is more likely to store more fat. Eating at least 3 hours before sleep gives your body the best chance of utilising what you have eaten and using up the calories without storing them as fat.

Get more sleep

When we don’t sleep enough, our body makes more cortisol- because life isn’t hard enough. So if you aren’t sleeping enough, yep you guessed it, more stomach fat retention for you!

Fall in love with Ginger

Ginger is known for its stomach soothing properties. Ginger tea is often said to help with morning sickness. Ginger is great at stimulating digestion, which will effecting manage the food you are eating, reducing the chances of bloating or storage of excess fat.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is full of magnesium, that is if you pick one with a very high cocoa content. Magnesium helps to relax the digestive tract muscles, which without being too course helps maintain healthy waste systems in the body. This will reduce stomach bloating and lethargy.


Pro-biotics found in products such as yoghurt and kafir, are beneficial to helping improve gut health. Gut health is important as it lowers the chance of stomach aches, bloating and any issues that cause your belly to feel less flat.

When looking for products high in Pro-biotics, check the label – they need to contain live and active cultures to be effective.

Skip the alcohol

If you really want a flat stomach, alcohol is going to have to be a treat that you indulge in rarely. You guessed it, alcohol causes stomach bloating, reducing the chances of you having a flat stomach. Soft drinks for that matter, will also cause bloating.

Don’t think that bloating will be avoided by zero sugar versions. Even sparkling water can caused the dreaded bloat, due to the gasses released inside the stomach.

Green Tea

Green tea could be the drink for you, it helps with your metabolism meaning your digestion will be working effectively. It also helps reduces stress levels, combating your fat storing cortisol.

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How to get a flatter stomach in 24 hours

How to get a flatter stomach in 24 hours