There aren’t many restaurants that could convince us to clear our diaries mid-fashion week. However, if you read our last review on ‘Flat Three’ you’ll know they had us hooked with their vegan dinner menu. The restaurant is unique in that it combines the best of British with a nod to Korean and Japanese flavours, and when they invited us to sample their lunch menu, we weren’t about to turn it down.

After two days of surviving on an on-the-move coffee, popcorn and ‘bounce ball’ diet, they had us with “would you like to take a seat?”. Sitting whilst eating – a treat!

So what’s on offer? Their lunch menu gives you the choice of either a three or five course meal, with an additional three ‘specials’ on offer.


The more food-savvy among us might recognise a few ingredients in each dish, but the rest of us will probably be completely baffled by most of the menu. Don’t let this deter you, instead let it add to the mystery (or ask the extremely knowledgable waiters to break it down for you).

If, like us, you’re struggling to choose a dish, try the ‘Sand carrot, jus + pickled wild carrot’. Like us, you might think carrot on top of – err – more carrot doesn’t sound like the most exciting dish. But both waiters were absolutely adamant we tried them, with one waiter exclaiming that these were “the carrotiest carrots we would ever taste”! These orange critters had to have something going for them.


Okay so we don’t know if they were the CARROTIEST, because they tasted too good to be any kind of carrot we’re used to. Surely too sweet to pass the health test, we can safely say not a smidgen of orange remained on the plate by the time we’d finished.

As for the other dishes, wild brill turned out to be a fish dish that was every bit as ‘brill’ as its’ namesake, and the only reservation we had about the sea bass is that it was too small considering how delicious it was.


As always, Flat Three reminded us that meat-free dishes are just as flavoursome. This is the kind of restaurant that introduce you to new tastes and show you that you can completely reinvent a dish you’re becoming bored of  by tweaking it and throwing exotic  seasoning into the mix. One of our absolute favourites was the aubergine with ssamjang (a type of spicy Korean paste) and smoked soy. An absolute must for both veggies and non veggies!


Neither of us were drinking alcohol out of fear that wine would send us to sleep mid afternoon fashion show, but our waiter paired each dish with their finest kombucha.

If you haven’t tried kombucha ‘Flat Three’ is a good place to take your first sip. Their homemade fermented tea, mixed with various flavours, are some of the tastiest we’ve tried. After three different glasses, however, we started to question how our stomachs were going to react to all of these activated ingredients! To avoid the risk of a dodgy stomach, stick to one kombucha then move on to something slightly softer…

We allowed the waiters to choose our desserts for us based on their favourites. What we got was a salted caramel tasting ‘porcini mushroom’ dish. Yes: they somehow pulled off a dessert with thinly sliced mushrooms embedded. Their (more traditional) cardamon cake was in-credible – the perfect slightly crisp outside and spongey middle.

If the same old dishes are becoming boring, Flat Three is the place to inspire you! Never a dull dish, it offers a unique dining experience in an eloquent setting.



Carrotiness of carrots: 9/10

Adventure level: 10/10

Chance of pronouncing dishes correctly: 2/10

Date night potential: 7/10

Service: 10/10

Instagrammability: 4/10