If you are fortunate enough to have designed or are going to create your custom piece of jewelry then you will know how exciting it is, how creative you can get, and hopefully with the help of the professional jewelry makers bring your vision to life.

It may look as simple as doodling on a piece of paper and adding colors but the process is significantly more complex than that, and even more so if it requires a specific size and style of stone, be it diamond or emerald.

There are many options available if you are simply looking for an elegant and chic ring to match your personality or to gift to what will soon be the future ‘Mrs.’ The popular choice of late has come from the art deco era where colors and shapes were all the rage, each stone simplified and delicately placed into position making it bespoke each time. 

You may see a ring at the jewelers that silently calls your name, it draws you in but would look that much better with the right fit and band color. Thankfully, these are small tweaks that are easily achieved and you’ll be wearing your dream stone in no time.

Choosing a ring.

The style of art deco dates back to before World War 1 where the design aesthetics were implemented not only in jewelry but into architecture, furniture, as well as fashion. It was a style that although it did well for itself considering the grandeur and luxury it epitomized, became a symbol of wealth and stature and thus was not for the everyday worker.

A great definition of it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Deco shows the rich history and origin of the style, how iconic buildings still represent it to this day, and how it has influenced other artwork and color elements.

As new styles and materials came into the picture art deco became more bespoke and sought after, the vintage and antique qualities now sought after by many across the globe, it has since remained an emblem of being part of the top tier of society. 

Nowadays finding and choosing an art deco ring is an experience in itself, some colors rarer than the next, the dates on which they were crafted (and all by hand of course), and the individual style of the design. 

To discover the ring that was essentially ‘meant’ for you, a few key features to look out for will help the process go quicker, that much easier, and you can ensure you are getting not only your money’s worth but a genuine article.

 3 Top qualities of an art deco ring.

  • Certification. Like with most jewelry people look for the stamped authentication paperwork that shows the cut, the weight of the carats, and the history of the ‘family-tree’ and essentially of its origins. 

The makers’ hallmark stamp is also a great indicator for a genuine article although certain countries made genuine art deco rings without the stamp yet are still constructed with the highest quality of metals and gemstones. 

  • Condition. Many antique and vintage pieces will inevitably show signs of slight wear and tear, especially if they were worn as an everyday item, but not too significant if a high-quality piece. The stone, however, should be original and no smaller stones should be missing as this decreases the value.

Vintage and antique items make for great gifts as they are essentially one of a kind and make you stand out from the crowd, who wants to be a sheep following the crowd when you can be a unicorn and fly, am I right?

Take a minute to read this interesting article on how and why it is such a popular choice and how this timeless, classic style is here to stay.

  • Metals and cut. Art deco had a specific style, big and bold was the word of the day, and with precious metals such as platinum gaining an advantage over its gold counterpart, it is a good tell-tale sign of that period. Originality also shines through concerning the shape of the stone, many were rectangular, triangular, circular, and square. 

Where to find yours.

Purchasing from a reputable and reliable boutique store is the best and safest way to ensure you are buying a genuine article. 

Browsing their website should not only show the certification and authentication qualifications they adhere to and maintain but reading the customer reviews and comments section will quickly show you the craftsmanship and customer service you are likely to receive. 

It is always recommended to take your time, do your homework, and speak to industry professionals who will best guide you on choosing the best art deco jewellery for your budget (most important) and to realize your vision with you. 

This may be a once in a lifetime purchase that you have saved up years for, make sure it is right the first time around.

Final thoughts.

It seems that this era and style is here to stay, and rightly so making it one of the most iconic influencers of all time. It was worn by celebrities who flocked to jewelers to get their hands on a piece of history and the same goes for Hollywood stars to this day.

While it may be more of a fashion statement than a desire to wear a historical jewel, the main objective is that art deco is still widely visible for the world to admire and dream of.

See some well-known faces here https://www.pinterest.com.au/artdeco_inspo/celebrities-with-art-deco-engagement-rings/ of actresses wearing what they hopefully understand to be a cornerstone of the fashion and jewelry industries. Sure they are beautiful to watch on stage and in films and inspire many budding theatre students, but we all know the real star of the day is the ‘bling,’ as the younger generation would call it.

If you have been blessed with your own art deco piece, you have been given a segment of the puzzle of timeless elegance.