Finally! A 100% gluten-free restaurant has opened on the streets of London.

With all the boutique pop-ups and speciality dining available in the capital, it was only a matter before someone added a gluten-free offering to the list – great news for a large portion of London’s regular diners.

M Victoria Street RAW restaurant bento box

RAW, the new restaurant at M Victoria Street, is putting an end to those awkward back-and-forth dinner plan debates that gluten dodgers are all too familiar with. And with a menu of mouth-watering dishes including swordfish sashimi and kangaroo tartare, they’re doing it in style.

Even if you’re not a gluten-free eater, there’s still great reason to check this one out: More than just another swanky restaurant, M Victoria isn’t a celeb hotspot for nothing. The restaurant under which RAW sits is renowned for its world class beef and its ethically sourced dishes. And if that’s not enough, the restaurant was recently shortlisted for the ‘Best New Opening 2016’ prize in Restaurant Magazine‘s upcoming R200 Awards.

M Victoria Street RAW gluten free restaurant

The unique concept of RAW will see the first 100% gluten-free restaurant in London to serve ‘Michelin quality food’ and its menu will offer signature tartars, tempura, hot earth bowls and bento boxes.

As tempting as they sound, however, you’ll probably want to try RAW’s sashimi collection made using cobia. Hailed “the Wagyu of the sea” that will revolutionise the world of fine dining, M is among the first restaurants in the UK to feature the fish on its menus.

M Victoria Street RAW restaurant Wagyu Tartare

RAW’s owner, Martin Williams, says, “More restaurants than ever before are offering gluten- free dishes on their menus. But few are offering a total menu. Not only does RAW do just that but offers dishes that are of the finest quality. Our executive chef Michael Reid has done an incredible job of creating dishes full of delicious and vibrant flavours and textures. So, whether you have a dietary restriction like Celiac Disease or you choose not to eat gluten, M RAW is your destination of choice.”

We’re just kind of surprised it didn’t happen sooner.