If you’ve been suffering from dry eyes this winter or are dreading the Hayfever season that Spring brings, you may want continue reading…

The UK’s first-ever range of vitamin-enhanced lenses has launched from online eyecare start-up Waldo and here at Plus Minus, we’re hooked.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Features Editor, Charlotte, who is a little short-sighted took them for a test over the past few weeks at work, on nights out and over London Fashion Week. Here is how she got on…

“I’m always on the hunt for a more comfortable contact lens as my eyes tend to become resistant to brands after a few months. Plus, it’s always good to try something new. My main concern is that my ends tend to dry out due to air-conditioning and staring at a screen all day, so sometimes I find it hard for my eyes to focus.” 

Waldo’s vitamin enhanced lenses have been designed to replenish tears in the eyes while ensuring maximum comfort – particularly after a long day at work – the high-quality and affordable lenses remove the hassle of taking supplementary Vitamin eye drops on insertion.

“On first appearance, the pink solution was intriguing, I’m so used to opening packets with a clear solution but I soon learnt this is due to the saline. Do Waldo know I’m a blogger too and any shade of rose pink excites me? We’ll never know…”

The vitamin lenses are packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, which are found in the pink saline (liquid) the lens comes in, the patented formula alleviates congestion, swelling, itching, and relieves eye muscle fatigue.


Waldo’s lenses also come beautifully boxed in slick midnight blue packaging, making them the perfect bathroom accessory. Tell your flatmates to buzz off.


“The first test was wearing them all day at work, and if I’m honest, they were still really comfortable come 5pm when it was time to head home. I’m used to wearing my glasses most of the week and switching up to contact lenses at the weekend, so it was a nice touch not take them out halfway through the day. After work, I head straight to the gym which is where the air is moist and the smells become questionable… Anyway, the lenses felt really comfortable still and I didn’t find myself rubbing my eyes or wanting to take them out.”

The Waldo team’s clinical results reveal that 100% of people found that Waldo’s vitamin lenses provided longer lasting moisture, allowing them to feel comfortable for longer. That’s exactly what contact lenses should be and they’d be perfect for anyway who works long days, is travelling for a long amount of time, or just doesn’t have the time.

“Overall, I’m really impressed with the lenses and the fact I had them in for over 12 hours was a big test for me . I can’t wait to test them out on my travels this year and see how they hold up after a few cocktails…”

Where You Can Find Them

The ultra-comfortable daily lenses, which are now available, will cost £32 for a one-month supply (60 lenses) and can be delivered anywhere in the UK directly from their website, within 48 hours. For more information, please visit: hiwaldo.com