The fashion market has a large influence on the UK, and one it’s been on the catwalk, it’s likely to be in your wardrobe. Trends are changing yearly, and there have already been hints regarding what is going to make it into 2020. From the likes of Fashion Week and Vogue, the hottest styles on the runway have already been implemented into the high street, and here are some of the best things to look out for. 

Transparent glasses are one of the trends making their way into 2020, after gaining so much custom in 2019. Instead of coloured specs, the thick-framed glasses are completely sheer or tinted, depending on what style suits you best. In fact, many people have started wearing them as fashion accessories as well as necessities. Not only do you not need to match your outfit to your glasses, but you can find the frames in a number of different styles, so you’ll be able to find one that perfectly suits your personality. 

Suits and blazers have been both a fashion statement and acceptable workwear for years, but it seems something a little more scandalous is on its way in. According to Marie Claire, New York Fashion Week saw one of the hottest new trends come in the form of blazers and bralettes. While it’s definitely not workwear, it’ll transform into the ultimate night out look, with a classy and professional finish. 

When it comes to footwear, we’re going to see more square-toe boots make their way into our day-to-day wear. It’s set to take over both oval and pointed toe, and it seems that people are catching on. More designers are implementing it into their style with boots, sandals and heels, and it’s quickly becoming a vital aspect of the wardrobe. Pointed toes have had the monopoly for quite some time, but it seems that they’re on their way out. 

We do have one big fashion statement working its way back into our wardrobes, with Vogue suggesting that houndstooth is gearing up to return to high fashion. Houndstooth was previously a popular pattern in the fashion industry, but after years out of the lookbooks, it’s already landed a top spot along the runway. 

Capes are also coming back in for AW19 which will see us through to early 2020. Capes are the ultimate form of warmth and high fashion, and they’re the ideal jacket for a cold winter’s day. Paired with jeans and some knee-high boots, it’s definitely making a statement along the catwalk. Not only is the cape chic, but it’s comfy too, and it can go with almost anything, making it the perfect winter warmer. 

Meanwhile, as we near summer 2020, it’s looking like oversized shades are coming back into fashion. Tiny sunglasses were starting to take over the high street, but they’ve been torpedoed by large specs. Whether you’re after plain black or bright colours, you’ll find the perfect design for you in the oversized sunnies. 

There has been quite an adjustment in 2020 fashion already, and it’s looking promising as we launch into the new year. However, we’re only just stepping into the new year, so we could be seeing a lot of new changes as the months go by.