Imagine a catwalk of real women.

It’s something we always talk about, but the fashion industry never seems to make much progress with – until now.

While other designers have sent model-like “normal” women down their runways, or included a range of body types, seeing high fashion or real women is usually reserved strictly for the streets.

If New York Fashion Week is anything to go by, however, that’s all (finally) about to change.

We’re looking at you, PH5. 

Highlighting the matriarchal system, PH5’s F/W18 collection was shown on the real women of New York: a paediatric nurse, a magazine editor, the Met Museum’s social media manager, a political campaigner, a sculptor and two computer programmers. In total, half of the models in the PH5 F/W18 show were real women and we loved it.

PH5 gave us a well-represented portion of today’s women and a very good reminder of the many ways they contribute to our society.

For those unfamiliar with the label, it will probably come as no surprise that PH5 was conceptualised to support and connect women across the globe. Artistically inspired by Natalie du Pasquier and Barbara Radice, who brought forward the art deco movement of the Memphis Group, PH5 marries art and science.

With design created in high tech textiles, PH5 plays with asymmetry, architectural shapes and post-modern expressive colour.

Let’s not forget how young this label is. PH5 was established less than four years ago by Wei Lin, the daughter of a large knitwear manufacturer, and designer Mijia Zhang. Born in New York, the brand has already made a name for itself by challenging the conventional wisdom of knitwear. The marriage of whimsical designs with architectural dimensions of knitting techniques is brought to life by master engineers and computers programmers.

If PH5 is still only in its infancy, we can’t wait to see what waits in store down the line.