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Eyelash extensions are the beauty world cheat to the fullest lashes of your life. They have a serious impact and look amazing. You won’t have to wear mascara, and they mean you are always ready to go. 

However, they can begin to fall out. This is super annoying after the expenses and the time you have spent on having them glued in. 

Keep reading to find out how to minimise the chances of your eyelash extensions falling out. 

Give yourself 12 hours after they have been glued

After you have had your extensions done, you really need to do nothing. 12 hours is the ideal time for the glue to set. In this time, avoid washing your face, sweating, swimming and showering. This will give your eyelashes the best chance of a long life. 

Don’t touch them

Seriously, don’t touch them. Fiddling, touching and stroking are all going to cause your eyelashes to fall out. If you are a fiddler or normally have itchy eyes then perhaps eyelash extensions are not the thing for you.

Stop Using harsh eye makeup remover 

Realistically any makeup remover is not great for individual eyelash extensions. Also, the lashes may mean that you won’t wear as much makeup around your eyes, especially not mascara. However, if you do decide that you do want to wear eye makeup, then you need to minimise the amount rubbing, and use oil-free remover pads, trying not to soak the lash line. 

They could be too long for you

You may have loved the va-va-voom impact that your new lashes had when you first had them done. Now they might be weighing our eyes down and could be falling out because of that. Make sure when you have the appointment consultation that you talk to your beauty therapist. To discuss the length, and how it suits your natural lashes and eye shape. 

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Brush them 

It might sound weird, but after showers and a good nights sleep your lashes can become tangled. The best way to stop this causing your lashes from shedding is to use a disposable mascara wand to comb through your lashes. This will also make sure they are evenly distributed, and remove any debris that may have collected in your lashes. Eyelash extensions are the beauty world cheat to the fullest lashes of your life. Find out how to minimise the chances of your extensions falling out. 

You have had them in too long 

Over time your lash extensions will begin to fall out. This is due to the glue wearing out and the natural process of your eyelashes actually falling out naturally. Anything over 3-4 weeks and you can expect this, you can go back to your beautician and have the gaps filled in, or if you have left it too long, you may need a full set replaced. 

Maybe they just aren’t that into you 

If they are falling out and don’t feel comfortable, then perhaps they are just not for you. Perhaps there are other things that you could try, why not have less added, and focus on the outer corners for a different effect. If that doesn’t work, then maybe you will have to stick to strip lashes. 

Talk to your beautician

The best piece of advice we can give you is to talk to your beautician. They have the right training and skills to give you all the advice you could need. As we have outlined above, there are many reasons that your eyelashes could fall out. If you follow all the advice and they are still falling out, then your beautician could have some helpful tips for you. Eyelash extensions are the beauty world cheat to the fullest lashes of your life. Find out how to minimise the chances of your extensions falling out.