Is your female furry companion more lethargic than usual? Does it exhibit symptoms of pain every time you touch its abdomen? 

Well, in case your female dog is still intact, there’s a great likelihood for it to be suffering from pyometra. This medical condition refers to the severe uterus infection that results from hormonal changes, which happen during the reproductive cycle. Instead of opting for surgical uterus removal, pet owners are advised to use CBD oil as an effective treatment.

Learn more about the main causes, types, and symptoms of pyometra as well as the role of cannabidiol in its treatment. 

Causes and types

Dog pyometra is a cervix infection that affects female, intact canines, particularly during the later stages of life. It most commonly results from the hormonal fluctuation, which occurs in the estrus cycle, otherwise known as the fertility cycle in canines. In the course of estrus, the body produces higher levels of progesterone, which thickens the cervix in order to prepare it for pregnancy. Read more about the function and optimal levels of progesterone.

Moreover, as the number of estrus cycles without pregnancy increases, the uterus becomes thicker, thus triggering the secretion of fluids. These fluids create an environment where bacteria and cysts thrive, which in turn results in cervix infection like pyometra. Since white blood cells are impeded from entering the cervix during the estrus cycle, nothing can be done to stop the bacteria from thriving. 

There are two main types of pyometra, known as the open and closed cervix. The former refers to the vaginal discharge that leaks from the uterus, in the form of mucus and blood. Since the uterus is open, this vaginal material can be removed from the cervix, thus being less fatal for canines. 

Conversely, the latter involves no vaginal discharge, as the mucus is trapped inside the cervix, which is completely sealed. As a result, the infectious material enters the bloodstream, instead of being eliminated from the body. Therefore, canines suffering from closed pyometra require immediate medical intervention, as the consequences are likely to be fatal.

Common symptoms

The symptoms of dog pyometra differ by the severity of the infection. Consequently, canines that suffer from open pyometra exhibit more obvious but less serious symptoms in the form of unpleasant vaginal smell, and white or yellow vaginal discharge on their hair. The following link,, includes useful tips about the treatment of pyometra in canines.

Conversely, dogs suffering from closed pyometra experience lethargy, which gradually evolves into depressive behavior. Your companion will most likely exhibit symptoms of decreased appetite but increased thirst. 

Moreover, the bacteria inside the uterus are known for releasing toxins that affect the normal function of the kidneys. Consequently, canine kidneys are no longer capable of retaining fluids, thus resulting in excessive urination. 

Additionally, female dogs might experience fever, nausea, and vomiting. Due to abdominal pain, most pets avoid being touched in the abdominal area, as their abdomen is too aching to touch. 

In case you notice any of these symptoms in the behavior of your canine companion, make sure it gets immediate medical attention. The longer you delay the treatment of pyometra the higher the risk of developing sepsis. This condition might be fatal for dogs, as the infectious material enters the blood flow, thus affecting the entire body.

The role of CBD oil 

Besides the normal treatment with surgical cervix removal, CBD oil is believed to be the most efficient, non-surgical treatment of pyometra. It’s just one of many potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Cannabidiol is capable of alleviating the abdominal pain that female dogs experience by employing its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Furthermore, CBD is also known for fighting lethargic behavior and promoting a positive mood in pets. Consuming this remedy (check this CBD dosage chart for quantities) on a daily basis can genuinely help canines overcome depression, as it increases the production of serotonin in their bodies.

Regarding appetite loss, cannabidiol is believed to stimulate pets’ appetite by increasing the secretion of the hunger hormone. Also, it reduces the unpleasant symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which even further contribute to appetite loss.

Bottom line

Make sure you try CBD in the treatment of this cervix infection. 

It might save your companion’s life!