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You’ve heard of the war against fast food, but are you aware of the war against fast fashion? 

We’re all guilty of nipping to our favourite high street store to do some last minute Christmas shopping. After all it’s cheap, easy and convenient. But are the pennies we’re dishing out for our dresses really worth the low wages and harsh conditions that many factory workers face in order to produce bulk clothing?

Rachael Fisher, head of new online store ‘Trove’, argues not.

In an attempt to move away from consumerist ideals which insist on constantly producing enormous collections on a mass scale, Trove displays a small collection of clothes, accessories, beauty and home-ware by independent designers from around the world.

The focus is on quality over quantity and each designer is carefully selected by Fisher and her team for their innovative designs and ethically sound means of production; whether that be factory based or handmade. They select new designers and feature exclusive one off and limited edition ranges, ensuring that the online store will always be on top of the season’s trends.

For Fisher, the website seemed like a natural extension of her brand consultancy agency ‘Fishers’, and with over ten years working in the market she has developed a knack for scouting the hottest up and coming designers. Trove offers those designers a space to showcase their designs, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the know you can shop the site for an exclusive piece to be delivered directly to your door.

Ethical online store Trove designer collections

The website has a minimalistic feel to it and it is refreshing to be confronted with just a few pages of merchandise under each category as opposed to the hundreds of pages that we’re usually bombarded with when browsing for gifts online.

And there’s nothing worse than handing over a present that you just know your sister’s going to love only to discover that she’s about to unwrap the very same scarf from her best mate. Luckily, Trove feature less well known designers and quirky miscellanea which are hard to find elsewhere.

With a “Christmas Gift Ideas” section, it couldn’t be easier to select the perfect present (without having to size up the boxes surrounding yours under the tree).

Although there has been a slight rise in focus on “fast fashion” in the media, aided by the release of documentary ‘The True Cost’ earlier this year, it is still largely overlooked in a society which is bred to consume.

‘The True Cost’ highlights the exploitation of workers’ rights in countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia where people are forced to work long hours for very little money in order to survive. Not only this but the “fast fashion” trap is extremely detrimental to the environment, with the Danish Fashion Institute claiming that, after oil, fashion is the second most polluting industry on Earth.

As consumers, it is easy to distance ourselves from the process of production. However, through awareness that an alternative exists we can choose to opt for “slow fashion” sites such as Trove which consider both the environment and workers’ rights.

And with our unique garments and eclectic pieces we can be the envy of everyone at the Christmas party whilst doing it! If ethical stores are the future, we look forward to it.

Check out the new online store at or visit the brand on Twitter @trove_store.