First impressions – the kind you form on a first date – are so important that they override fact – according to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto. Your date may have loads of things in common with you and they may tick all the boxes, but if stress and nerves are getting in the way of sharing your real self, you may just lose the love of your life! One of the key aspects to a good date, is having fun. If you are worried about saying, doing, or wearing the wrong thing, don’t give your date time to over-analyze. Embrace adventure and the laughter will soon make the jitters a very distant thing indeed!

Science Proves It: Adventures Excites!

Did you know that when you take part in different, exciting activities with someone, sexual desire is heightened? Just this year, scientists discovered that adventure does indeed fuel romance. When you opt to bungee jump, go on a vertiginous cable car ride, or try a little parasailing in the company of a romantic interest, it is easy to see how the tensions dissipate, laughter arises, and you make a memory of an experience you might not have shared with anyone before. Putting your body into motion, especially in a natural setting, reduces levels of stress hormone, cortisol. It whizzes you ‘into the present moment’ and allows you to give your very best self to your date.

Adventure in the Bedroom

Some couples like to wait until after a few dates to get intimate; others prefer to get close quickly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to sex, so if you and your date feel like the timing is right, you may decide give in to a mutual need for fantasy. Instead of going for the typical missionary position, why not surprise your partner with something less expected? Scientists have long espoused the importance of fantasy and role play in the bedroom. If your date ends up being your significant other, remember to continue sharing your deepest desires for each other as time goes on. Sex toys and fantasy are popular among couples who keep passion alive long-term, so if you wish to do the same, find out if your partner is interested in joining you on a few sexual adventures!

Finding Your Personal Definition of Adventure

Being adventurous means different things to different people. You don’t have to jump out of a plane or re-enact a scene from 50 Shades of Grey to surprise your date. If you normally take love interests out to dinner, why not plan an outdoor picnic instead? If both of you are into sports, a fun tennis match followed by a swim in the beach or nearby lake may hit the spot.

The most adventurous thing you could possibly do on a first date, is to be yourself. Romance looks and feels very different to each individual, so why try to replicate someone else’s idea of perfection? Before your first day or evening together, try to investigate into your partner’s hobbies and likes, find one that matches yours, and plan something that sets your heart racing. If your date is the right one for you, chances are, they will be as excited about your time together as you will, so you are most likely already on a winning streak!