Meditation is one of those things that very recently has grown into a mainstream tool that everyone is using to get a little bit more control over their lives. Meditation is a great way to allow yourself to switch off at the end of the day, reduce stress when you need it and to restore the natural balance in your life.

However, if your life is already busy then the time that you are setting aside to meditate needs to be effective and efficient. We have compiled some of the best things that you can do to ensure that your meditation is as effective as possible.

Keep reading to discover 9 tips for effective meditation.

Find a quiet place

This is probably the number one most important thing. The space in which you meditate needs to be quiet in order for you to effectively switch off. Avoid anywhere that will cause distractions, so a private room where you can sit and feel comfortable is ideal.

Essentially you want to create the perfect environment in order to fully give yourself the time to fully relax.

Breathe normally

Many meditations will focus on your breath, but while you are doing other parts of the mediation allow yourself to breathe normally. Allowing your body to something that it normally does without any interference from yourself will ensure that you are as calm as possible.

Close your eyes

This may sound incredibly obvious, but closing your eyes is a really good way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your meditation.

It will shut off the distractions from your surroundings, whilst also allowing you access a higher state of relaxation.

Try Guided Meditation

Trust us, meditation is so much easier if there is someone to tell you what to do!

Let someone else guide you through the motions of meditating to help you achieve the relaxation that you are seeking.

Try free versions first

If you are mediating with Apps, never pay straight away. Try out as many as you like whilst using the free versions. Many apps like Calm, Breethe and Mind all have content that you don’t have to pay for.

Don’t fancy paying at all? Well, there are loads of free videos on YouTube ready to stream for free.

Put a soundtrack on

If the sound of the world outside is a big distraction for you. We recommend putting a soundtrack on from YouTube.

There are loads ranging from 20 minutes to 8 hours. These can be of the sea, forest sounds or even the sound of wind and rain. If you find that these help, then stick to it!

Don’t try too hard

Don’t try to work out how the meditation is working, or how it will calm you down. Instead, just let it wash over you and allow it to work its magic on you.

Have a routine

Giving your day a routine, and slotting in meditation at similar times, means that pretty soon your body will become used the idea of meditating at a certain time. Over time you will come to adapt to this, and your body will be ready to relax.

Keep Track

Finally, work out the best times, and ways in which you meditate the most effectively by keeping track of them in your phone, or possibly your habit tracker. This way you are ensuring the time that you put aside will be the most efficient use of your time, and you will reap the most benefit.

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9 tips for better meditation

9 tips for better meditation