The fact we have an International Women’s Day is both empowering and frustrating: on the one hand, it sends an important message and reminds us to keep fighting. On the other, it’s a bleak reminder that the fight goes on.

This year it feels more urgent than ever. I think we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty shambolic year; we lost some of the most accomplished women on the planet and saw the year out with a new POTUS whose sexist remarks are more widely known than his policies on the economy. In a year when we should be making progress, it almost feels like we’re going backwards.

This International Women’s Day, I’m looking to the future and hoping that maybe – somehow – this time next year we’ll be able to look back on the rest of 2017 and breathe a sigh of relief. They say the journey to success hits rock bottom before it peaks, so perhaps we’re just at the bottom right now.

Equality, kindness and the kind of society I – and I’m sure all of you – want to live in could be just around the corner. So, if nothing else, I hope the current state of affairs might be the catalyst we’ve needed for so long. Baby steps are fine, but when they’re being taken at an ever-slower pace, perhaps it’s time to shake things up.

Whatever you’re doing this International Women’s Day, please think of the women in your life who have only made it better – no matter how big or small their impact. We’d love if you shared the women who have inspired you with us over on Twitter, too.

Here are a few of the women who have influenced and inspired some of the PlusMinus team.


by Ben Pechey 

My Woman of the Year is recent winner of a slew of Grammys for her incredible album 25. Adele’s heart warming acceptance speech for Album of the year touched my heart. Her love for Beyoncé was so beautiful.

Adele was so upset that she won and her icon didn’t, it was so touching to watch. How a mega star can be that humble and human is so inspiring, and an attitude that we should all champion, instead of competing against each other we should all love each other more. That is why Adele is my woman of the year…

My Mum

by Florence Kaate

Whenever there is a shout out opportunity it will always be hands down a moment to celebrate my Mummy. I know, I know, at 26 it is a bit odd calling my mum ‘Mummy’ but ‘Mum’ just doesn’t feel right!

From housewife to entrepreneur, my Mum is living proof that a woman can spend quality time with her children and also become a business woman all in one lifetime. Proving women can do it all, she chose to selflessly devote 20 years of her life to her six kids with nothing but love and patience, and as result we all have a rare bond and will forever be grateful for her loyalty. Thank you Mummy X

Adriene Mishler

by Shona Daly

The woman who has most inspired me over the last few years is, without any doubt, Adriene Mishler; an extraordinary online Yoga teacher.

Her words and knowledge have changed my entire outlook on life. She has taught me to trust and care for myself, – something I rarely ever did before. She speaks as if you were her best friend; she’s very funny and cool, making you feel happy, strong, able and calm, knowing that whatever you’re dealing with in life, “you’ve got this”. She is ace.