Entering the BFC show space on the Strand, we were faced with a calming hush of contemplation. Fashion shows are noisy affairs, but this presentation seemed to be an antidote to the hubbub of LFW, with a tranquil and zen-like feel.

A modern garden was the setting for the Edeline Lee AW18 presentation, with green rubber chip florid with trees jutting out to create a minimalistic green space. Models circled the trees as if they had been treading the paths for years. Soft sensual dresses meandered through Lee’s garden, in full skirts and full floor length sweepers. The garments feel wearable but also precious.

Lee looked within for this collection, ‘contemplating the dark and secret gardens within herself’ to create a still and reflective collection. The silhouettes felt almost monastic; however, simplicity is elegance, which is a state we are all working towards. The colour palette did the talking with punchy jewel tones of purple, red and navy balanced with white and black.

Simplicity means there is no hiding, and the strength of this collection was the craftsmanship and fabrics combined. With heavy jacquards and wools, the garments had a presence all on their own. The looks were finished by colour blocking opaque tights that elongated the silhouettes of the collection and add further weight to the argument that colourful hosiery is on its way back.

All designers pour consideration into their collections, but at Edeline Lee, it felt so much more than just consideration. This was deep and moving and we loved it.